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Food prices at Disneyland Resort can be overwhelming, but there are some bargains. We consider the Plaza Inn’s famous fried chicken meal to be one of the best dishes in the park, but not everyone wants to spend $ 18.99 on a single meal. You can get a standard burger for about $ 12, though, and what if you want something interesting with more money? In this post we’ll review the top 5 fast food meals at Disneyland Resort for less than $ 13.

Corn Dog (Little Red Wagon Corn Dogs – Disneyland, Corn Dog Castle – DCA) – $ 9.79

Judging by the length of the Little Red Wagon and Corn Castle lines, everyone has heard of Disneyland’s legendary corn dogs. His fame is well deserved and luckily the price has yet to exceed $ 10. A giant hot dog covered in a shell of fried cakes is probably not the healthiest option in the world, but there’s something about how to devour one while touring a busy theme park that feels so good. The Little Red Wagon at Disneyland has the original Corn Dog with a hot dog inside, while Disney California Adventure’s Corn Dog Castle has the hot-link version which is even better.

Jolly Holiday Combo (Jolly Holiday Bakery – Disneyland) – $ 12.49

They may not look much alike, but this combination of sandwiches and soups from Jolly Holiday Bakery is a fantastic cozy meal. Jolly Holiday Combo is a grilled cheese sandwich served with a cup of tomato soup. You can’t go wrong with the other Jolly Holiday sandwiches on the menu either. B Baked turkey on the Ciabatta or Roast Beef and smoked Cheddar on the Hoagie Roll are also great choices and are just over $ 10. All sandwiches, with the exception of the Jolly Holiday Combo, include tasty fresh fries.

Shawarmas (Palau Shawarma – DCA): $ 12.99

Trust me, the shawarmas in the picture taste so much better than they look. New York’s tastiest is a chicken shawarma wrap with garlic spread and coconut yogurt tahini sauce with pickled vegetables. It’s tasty and has a bit of heat, but nothing too extreme, and the coconut yogurt sauce provides a refreshing touch. The Impossible Victory Falafel is also available, which we also really like. You can find these items in the Shawarma Palace on DCA’s Avengers Campus.

Award Wieners Hot Dogs (Award Wieners – DCA): $ 8.99 to $ 9.99

The image above shows the Bacon Street Dog ($ 9.79). Includes a beef hot dog dipped in a roasted red pepper ketchup, topped with grilled onions, sweet peppers and crispy bacon and served on toast. It also includes “Filmstrip Fries,” which are great. The red pepper tomato sauce gave it a good kick and the crispy bacon is satisfying. Grilled onions and peppers also add a lot of flavor to what would be a boring hot dog on its own.

We’re also big fans of the Award Wieners Asada Fries ($ 10.49) with roast beef, cheddar cheese, coriander, onion and guacamole. This is not good food nor is it healthy in any way, but it is very satisfying.

Cozy Cone Motel (DCA) cones: $ 8.99

The cones sold at the Cozy Cone Motel offer a generous serving of filling, and if you’re in a hurry, you can easily eat them while you’re at it. The cone served inside is made of bread so you can even eat it when you’re done gutting. Cozy Cone currently serves two varieties, Chili Cone Queso and Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese. The third flavor, Chicken Verde Cone, is our favorite, but it doesn’t currently appear on the menu.

Do you have any recommendations for fast food or snack service at Disneyland or DCA? Let me know in the comments below.

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