Every Netflix original show has been canceled so far in 2021

Canceling Netflix is ​​always hard to cover and in 2021, there were quite a few of them. Below, we’ll take you through each major Netflix original cancellation that was recently canceled Dash and Lily And the Israeli series, Hit run.

If you want to see all the big cancellations by 2021, we’ve got a cancellation bible that repeats most of Netflix’s cancellations between 2013 and 2020.

An important difference that we are going to make below is when the shows are canceled and left only incomplete and others which are renewed for the final season which allows them to finish some of the details. Although the results may be the same for you, we are going to classify them separately.

We also considered the issue of Netflix’s ghost cancellation. We’ve documented them in the past where the show simply fell off the radar without any announcement in the future. This section includes shows Cursed Season 2, Letter to the king Season 2, Innocent season 2 and countless others.

Full list of 2021 canceled Netflix shows

Dash and Lily

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 7 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 7 days

Dash and Lily cancel Netflix

Produced by Shawn Levy, this is his second big cancellation on Netflix I don’t get along with it. The Holiday series adapts the book of the same name and of course prepares itself for the second season but sadly, it can’t be.

Was it a coveted accident? All in all, we found that a second season is actively evolving but after a summer update, Netflix officially pulled the plug in October 2021 which means we won’t get a new season Dash and Lily.

Hit run

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 14 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 18 days

Hit and run canceled Netflix

Big new show from its creators Fauda Came to Netflix in the summer and was canceled soon after release but there is good news, the makers have signed an overall agreement with Netflix which means there is more, it will not be Hit run.

Grand Army

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 21 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 0 days

The Grand Army has canceled Netflix

Debuting on Netflix in October 2020, this teen drama series was about five students at a large public high school in Brooklyn and its students are fighting for success.

The series was finally given the ax in mid-June 2021


US Top 10 Day Numbers: 20 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 22 days

Cursed to cancel on Netflix

Although we suspect it has been canceled for some time (we posted in April 2021 that the props are being sold) Cursed It was not until July 2021 that it was officially knocked out.

Although the reviews were particularly mixed when the show first came out, it raised a dedicated fanbase but sadly it wasn’t enough to bring Katherine Langford back for a second season.

Emily’s Wonder Lab

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 0 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 0 days

Emilis Surprise Lab has canceled Netflix

Sadly we have learned that exclusively Emily’s Wonder Lab Will not be back for a second season hosted by MIT engineer Emily Calandrely.

The Live-Action Educational Kids series was first aired in August 2020.


US Top 10 Day Numbers: 0 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 0 days

The first season of Bonding hit the gold and was soon renewed for the second season. Season 2, on the other hand, fell on Netflix with almost no fanfare, causing the show to be canned in mid-2021.

While the author is working with Netflix on future projects, it’s a shame that the show went out of whack a bit.


US Top 10 Day Numbers: 10 days

Crew Netflix February 2021 Netflix Original

The Crew continues to have live-action multi-cam sitcom issues for Netflix that will bow its head after a single season. Several members of the cast said the show was canceled before official confirmation in early July 2021.

But in Austria and Germany the show has apparently done somewhat better.

Mr. Iglesias

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 10 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 0 days

Netflix's original December 2020 is coming to Netflix in Net Iglesias

Mr. Iglesias is another sitcom shortening his life on Netflix.

Three episodes spanning two seasons came to Netflix but its short-lived presence in the top ten shows that the show had relatively few viewers.

The comfort of the country

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 10 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 0 days

Country Comfort Netflix Original March 2021

Arriving at Netflix in March 2021, it was completed after taking a job as an up and upcoming country singer nanny for the One and Sitcom series.

You’ll notice a trend for the next few headlines with how many days you’ve spent in the top ten.

Dad, stop embarrassing me!

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 11 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 4 days

Dad stop embarrassing me Netflix April 2021

We’ve documented how Netflix has been struggling with the multi-cam sitcom format for some time and Dad, stop embarrassing me! Probably gives an example of the formats that are encountered on Netflix.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Jamie Foxx.


US Top 10 Day Numbers: 10 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 1 day

Blackoff Netflix canceled

Although fully renewed for the second season, Netflix reportedly withdrew its decision in June 2021 but did not rule out the possibility of the show returning to the movie format in the future.

Kenya Barris is slowly moving away from its commitment to Netflix (although there are still many projects awaiting).

Grand Army

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 21 days

Grand Army Netflix

Teen dramas usually go through several rounds on Netflix but that wasn’t the case Grand Army Which was canceled months after the first was canceled.

There have also been reports of behind-the-scenes unrest for the show, with the authors leaving the show “due to racist exploitation and abuse.”

Jupiter’s legacy

US Top 10 Day Numbers: 26 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 22 days

jupiters legacy s2 what to expect

The first entry for Millerworld on Netflix was shortened after a rather rocky first entry for a number of issues. Although the cancellation of Jupiter’s legacy has not been announced as exactly canceled, it will not return in the second season.

There are many MillerWorld titles for Netflix though it’s hard to argue against the FA


US Top 10 Day Numbers: 1 day
Top 10 days in France: 26 days

La Revolution Netflix canceled

The biggest Netflix original show to come out of France is the Period Drama Action Series Revolution Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.


US Top 10 Day Numbers: 2 days
Top 10 days in Mexico: 27 days

Monarch Netflix

The creators of the Mexican Spanish-language series said on Instagram that Netflix has decided not to renew King For the third season and it seems that they were not officially informed of the cancellation but rather they came to a decision on their own.


US Top 10 Day Numbers: 0
Top 10 days in the UK: 12

Duchess Netflix

The cancellation was published in a podcast where the lead of this British comedy was revealed Duchess Netflix will not return in the second season.

Katherine Ryan revealed, however, that the average number of people who watched the show was about 10 million. We assume this is a 2 minute metric.


US Top 10 Day Numbers: 18 days
Top 10 days in the UK: 27 days

Irregularities on Netflix have been canceled

Only after one season, Irregular Despite getting generally strong reviews, Netflix was shown the door and Sherlock Holmes was thought to be part of Netflix’s big push into the universe.

The series has been cited for hitting a Marvel show in Nielsen’s top 10 in the United States but it wasn’t enough to keep it going.

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