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Rocket A Russian rapper known for making interesting trap music. He provides more psychedelic, atmospheric sound, which sets him apart from the local rap scene. His most recent album, Ego tripin ‘, Combines space minimalism with high-quality technological reconstruction.

Eternal insomnia

Eternal insomnia His music creates pop-punk and skillfully combines it with elements of rap, EDM and hip-hop. His art also mentions music from the ’00s, with inspiration from everything from vocals to guitar accompaniment.


ooes A young actor with an academic musical background. His music features melancholy and simple, relatable songs. His poetic, bitter-sweet approach has resonated with modern audiences.


Jhanulka The 17-year-old indie-pop artist is best known for his tracks. “Kiskis, ”Which went viral shortly after it was released last February. His songs have distinctive melodies and a recognized wood.


Nikita A pop singer best known for the track “Love me strong”(“ Love Me More ”), which was first published online in January and quickly went viral.


And our most recent radar is Russia Artist Everthe8, Is a rapper and producer in the Eastern Siberian Republic of Buryatia, known for making verses in English. After the release of his first English language album, Ulan-Ude Summer 16, He has gained recognition from audiences not only in Russia but also abroad – he recently signed on to the American label Pay-Day.

We spoke with Everthe8 to learn more about her music and her experience in the program.

How would you describe your words to a new audience? Can you tell us the meaning behind your stage name, Everthe8?

I realized that what really makes an artist great is the appetite for new music. Constantly looking for new ways to evolve is essential, which is why I really want to see my music as diverse as possible. Everthe8 means “evergreen” (evergreen, ever young). The name refers to the code 008000, which is used to determine the color green in the RGB color model.

What are you most looking forward to as Spotify’s latest Radar Russia artist?

I’m really grateful for discovering an opportunity – isn’t that the goal of every artist?

You have had some exciting collaborations with the artists Burak is enough And Husky. Who do you want to work with next?

When it comes to collaborating with foreign artists, I like to work with them Flying lotus, Thunder cat, Earl sweatshirt, Kamasi Washington, Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Flohio, Slothai, Seven, Lance Skywalker, Mick Jenkins, And City The friend. This may sound like a lot to ask, but hey, you should dare to dream big, right?

How has growing up in your own city of Ulan-Uder “concrete beaches and rusty palm trees” affected your work?

In many ways, an artist’s background forms the basis of their art and that means a big deal, especially when it comes to genres like rap. Every old school artist knows that lyrics are usually deeply rooted in your city.

As the line goes, “concrete beaches and rusty palm trees,” sadly, I’m not talking about it. They actually are Husky (Husky) And will always be with him. Hopefully one day I will be able to come up with strong songs like his.

What Spotify tool are you using to connect with fans?

For me, Spotify is a major tool to keep in touch with my fans. I especially like the playlist feature. I’ve even made a few including one Playlist for taking flight And a Playlist for walking. I hope you like them!

Before you hit the road (or tarmac) with Everthe8, we recommend starting with our Russian radar playlist to experience the fresh sounds of eight emerging artists and bands.

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