Imaginative worlds, real-life adventures: new experiences for children who come to Disney’s desire

If you’ve been following the path as we present Disney’s Wish, you know that the new Disney Cruise Line ship will feature a fully reimagined Disney’s Oceaneer Club, where kids ages 3 to 12 will experience the worlds of Marvel Super Heroes, Disney Princesses, friends “Frozen” and Disney Imagineers in a new way.

Today, I’m excited to share that there’s even more fun waiting for kids in this country of real-life wonders … We just announced two more magical experiences debuting at Disney’s Oceaneer Club aboard the Disney Wish next summer: Star Wars: Cargo Bay and Mickey & Minnie Captain’s Deck!

Watch the “Designing Disney Desire” video above to take a look at the imaginative children’s spaces that come to this ship, and then read on for more information on entertainment and character experiences at the Disney’s Oceaneer Club.

New adventures a Star Wars: Cargo Bay

The peculiar creatures and legendary characters of the Star Wars galaxy will take center stage in Star Wars: Cargo Bay. This first immersive experience of its kind will place children in the important role of creature manipulators as they learn to manage a malicious menagerie of exotic beings from across the galaxy, including a porg, Loth-cat, worrt, and more.

Throughout the cruise, they will use augmented reality-enabled datapads to track and study the creatures on a number of special tasks. But there is more to this work than it seems: the new crew will join an important mission to deliver a pair of secret clandestines, Rey and Chewbacca, back to the Resistance.

During the interactive “Star Wars: Creature Challenge ”, the newly minted caregivers will be put to the test because they help feed the realistic creatures and meet some of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy. When things go awry, they will have to draw on the experience of Rey and Chewbacca (and even channel the Force) to protect the ship from destruction.

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse aboard Disney Cruise Line

A celebration of exploration on the deck of Mickey and Minnie Captain

Specially designed for younger sailors at Disney’s Oceaneer Club, Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck is a water park inspired by the colors, icons and magic of Disney Cruise Line. This new space will be filled with a variety of marine-themed physical and sensory-style games and activities, such as slides and wheel trackers, boat wheels, “busy boxes,” designed as boat controls, and cozy living areas.

When the little cadets enter the space, they will sail on a fun-filled adventure and enjoy quality play time with the same Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. At select times of the trip, the space will be open to the families of the little ones to play in groups and the young children from It’s a Small World Nursery will also have dedicated access to the club to explore, learn and play with Mickey and Minnie.

The firm’s experience will be “Minnie’s Captain Academy,” a high-energy training session for children to exercise their bodies (through playful games, dances, and maritime “exercises”) and their minds, testing the his imagination and ingenuity during a series of challenges linked to the STEAM principles (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). Captain Minnie will inspect their progress and officially declare them honorary captains.

Quality game time with superheroes, princesses and friends “Frozen”

At Disney’s Oceaneer Club, kids will have more opportunities than ever to have fun with Disney characters during expert-developed games and programs, and when the characters pass, they’ll stay to play. I like “Star Wars: “Creature Challenge” and “Minnie’s Captain Academy”, each space will offer memorable and interactive experiences that are exclusive to Disney Cruise Line.

  • At Marvel Super Hero Academy, young recruits will join a hands-on training session with Ant-Man and The Wasp, who will teach them how to create and test their own Pym Particles, the technology that allows these heroes to shrink and make grow objects. (and themselves).
  • Also at the Marvel Super Hero Academy, children will team up with the brains of Pym Technologies and Wakandan Design Group, including a special Black Panther appearance, to thwart Taskmaster’s evil plan to introduce the academy system and steal the most advanced hero technology in the world.
  • When Disney’s Oceaneer Club Center is transformed into Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Tangled” Snuggly Duckling Tavern, the kids will have a great day with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider as they embark on a hunt to retrieve the missing pieces from the Snuggly Sign. aneguet.
  • At Belle’s Library, kids will use their imagination to create the new most daring, fun, and fantastic story for their favorite book lover. Belle will lend her wit and her magic mirror to help determine the characters, plot, and conclusion of the brand new tale.
  • At Anna and Elsa’s Sommerhus, Arendelle’s new citizens will join in a special celebration of Queen Anna’s recent coronation by interpreting the story of how she became queen, taking on the roles and iconic moments of the film. film characters like Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans and more: before the queen, her sister and her snowman friend show up to join in the fun.

Dedicated fun for everyone, teens and teens

As previously announced, cruises from six months to three years will be served at It’s a Small World Nursery, where babysitting services will be provided in a whimsical setting inspired by the beloved Disney attraction of the same name. Here, the little ones will play, make crafts, watch movies, read books, and spend time with Disney friends under the expert care of Disney-trained advisors.

Older children will relax and play their way aboard the Disney Wish in trendy venues that combine sophisticated design with youthful Disney touches. The boat will not only have our exclusive teen clubs, Edge and Vibe, but will also have a new meeting place especially for them. Tomorrow I’ll share more details about these experiences right here on the Disney Parks blog, so stay tuned!

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