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No need to look to see the stars! Why? Because you can find out about the most involved Spotify community users here. This month’s ‘Meet the Stars’ blog answers some questions about why we’re here and how we collaborate with Spotify. So get ready to dive in with us in detail and read on to learn more about what we do!

If you’re new here or need a quick reunion, we as Spotify Community Star help other Spotify users, share our passion for music and help build the future of the Spotify community. You can find much more here!

To give you a little context, check out the pictures below:

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But, why do we do it? We asked around that you will get the answers first.

And this is what we got!

It Beatencourt, who has been a star since the launch of Spotify in Brazil (7 years ago!) Told us that he jumped on the Spotify community to solve a problem. He saw it as a great way to learn about the app he uses every day. Then he noticed that many unanswered questions were asked in Portuguese and then he decided to help them!

Star e Sebasti was quite frustrated with a problem with the web player and decided to share their concerns with the Spotify community and then stuck to helping other users with the same problem. The Spotify team has seen a star grow and has decided to ask Sebasti to join the Star program!

How the stars collaborate with Spotify

Something you may not know that we volunteer as they do! We’re here because we really love all things Spotify and we really love helping people. Not only do we help users in community forum boards and chat areas, we can also help the Spotify team. The way we collaborate properly with Spotify is never the same! This can vary from early testing of new features to chatting on monthly calls and learning about Spotify’s current focus areas.

Question number 2! We asked “What’s one thing you want people to know about the Star program?”

Based on how we collaborate with Spotify: Rey Tranastasio also tells us about what we do when we get stuck posting on the help board. When we don’t know what to do, the Stars can extend it to the community moderator team. They will lend us a hand or take us away.

B Sebasti got very well: “We are regular Spotify users like no one else, we just want to share some extra knowledge with you and help you get the most out of Spotify.” – and really adds to what we do in the Spotify Star program!

And finally, we asked: “What are your favorite moments or memories from your time in the program?”

Illy Billy-J, it Beatencourt, e Sebasti and Rey Tranastasi also all agree. Helping someone with Spotify, solving problems and making someone’s day brighter is the best time to be a star! We connect with others in the Spotify community which makes the Star program great.

We couldn’t ask all the stars, so if you’re part of the team and reading this, feel free to join the comments section and add your answers! If you’re not a star and you’re reading this here, we hope this has helped you get to know us better. Feel free to comment or ask us any more questions and we will always answer when we can.

Very special thanks

3 Co-author and star o Noah to do it together with me

3 Community Manager – Melody and to help you write this at Goodman and Melody are both beautifully designed for infographics

3The stars Rey Treanastasio, it Beatencourt, illy Billy-J and B Sebasti for this participation!

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