‘Seinfeld’ starts humbly in Netflix’s top 10 list

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Netflix’s new content license Seinfeld joined Netflix on October 1 and made a general impact on Netflix’s top ten worldwide. Below, we’ll analyze some of the early data in the top 10 and a few other sources to see how well Seinfeld is doing on Netflix.

For some context, Netflix has taken over the streaming rights of Seinfeld worldwide in 2019. This is significantly more than what Hulu paid (130 130 million for six years) but not a global right because Hulu only works in the United States.

The series previously aired in Hulu, USA, where it was said to be responsible for a small proportion of viewers. It left Hulu in the summer on October 1 before landing on Netflix worldwide.

So now, about a week later, how are you? Seinfeld Performing on Netflix?

The answer is that it is performing the strongest in the United States. After the first day, it debuted at No. 4 on the TV charts but has dropped to No. 6 in almost a week since then.

It is also performing particularly well in Croatia, Canada (where it is now ahead of its position in the United States as of publication time), and Iceland. It is still not in the top ten in the UK.

October October, Seinfeld Netflix had the 13th largest TV series, slightly ahead Love 101 And just behind Lucifer. So far in the global rankings, the show has reached the top of the 2nd and 8th popular series in October.

Seinfeld in the top 10 charts

Seinfeld’s other metrics on Netflix

Outside of Netflix’s own top 10 data, we can see some other indicators of whether the show is being revived. Google Trends recommends that search activity is at its highest in the last 12 months but the data is still incomplete to get an accurate picture of how it compares in the last 5 years.

Find trends for Seinfeld Netflix

Google search trend for this Seinfeld In 2021

IMDB’s Moviemeter suggests that the show is gaining popularity. For the week beginning September 5 and ending October 3, the show has risen to 115. It is improving to the # 95th position between April 19th, 2020 and May 17th, 2020.

Is Seinfeld Enough to make up for the loss of friends and office?

In the United States, the big question is whether the addition Seinfeld Enough to replace the office and friends. It’s too early to say, but you probably have to look Seinfeld As a long-term game for Netflix and it’s a consistent show that is long-lasting (just like Office Did for 189 days after the introduction of the top 10 feature instead of dominating all the time).

Leaving Office Netflix 2021

Office – Photo: NBC Universal

To paint the title as something that you come to see again and again and especially when the show is presented to a completely new audience. Whether it is a type of show will ultimately come down to personal taste.

However, outside of the United States, Netflix is ​​currently dubbed as what we are The golden age of sitcom. They both have access Friends And Office, Which Netflix lost in the United States, as well as a whole host of other sitcoms Modern family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, And Super store.

Are you enjoying Seinfeld Netflix since it was added? Let us know in the comments.

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