The new K-Drama is coming to Netflix in 2022

Year after year, the number of K-dramas on Netflix has increased and their value is only increasing. 2022 is already going to be an incredibly exciting year for K-Drums on Netflix, and below we will keep an eye on all the new K-Drums coming to Netflix in 2022.

As in previous years, we will continue to track all new K-dramas coming to Netflix in the new year, with monthly previews, and K-dramas will take an in-depth look at all the exciting things that go your way.

Please note: This is not a complete list of all K-Drums coming to Netflix in 2022 as no more series have been announced yet.

We Are All Dead (Season 1) N

Episode: 8
Article: Horror
Cast: Eun Chan Young, Park Ji Hu, Jo Yai Hyun, Park Solomon, Yu In So
Netflix release date: January 2022

The appetite of zombies was always awful, even when the genre often became stale and predictable. However, if there is a nation that gets back to genre life, you can’t see more than South Korea. Starting with the incredible train in Busan in 2016, we’ve seen choices in recent years Violence, Peninsula, Kingdom, And # Alive.

We’ve known for some time that adaptation is a popular webtone We are all dead Coming to Netflix. The exciting new horror is set to arrive on Netflix in 2022, making it the perfect series to start the new year.

A group of high school students are trapped inside their school when a zombie virus cries through the population.

The first look of all of us dead

Juvenile Justice (Season 1) n

Episode: TBA
Article: Crime, drama, law
Cast: Kim Hai Soo, Kim Mu Yel, Lee Sang Min, Lee Jong Yun, Park Jong Hwan
Netflix release date: January 2022

Since returning to the small screen, veteran and beloved actress Kim Hee Soo has starred in the crime-comedy Hyena. In her next role, Kim Hi Soo will make another appearance for Netflix, standing in front of a pressed judge with a big chip on their shoulder.

A judge who is notorious for his dislike of juveniles, he became the newly appointed judge of a juvenile court in Yenhua District. As a victim of juvenile delinquency in her youth, she faces various cases involving juvenile delinquents and other juveniles, which helps her discover what it really means to be an adult.

Netflix K Drama Juvenile Justice Season 1 is coming to Netflix in January 2022

Carter (Season 1) N

Episode: TBA
Article: Action, crime, drama
Cast: Xu Wan, Li Sang Jae
Netflix release date: 2022

Xu Wan, the favorite actor in the Smoosh-hit series, will make his debut on Netflix Original, when he plays the role of Carter, a South Korean agent who has lost his memory, was sent for a mysterious virus investigation.

K drama Carter Cast coming to Netflix in 2022

Money Loot (Season 1) N

Episode: 12
Article: Terrorist attack
Cast: Yu Ji Tai, Zion Jung Seo, Park Hee Soo, Li Wan Jong, Kim Ji Hun
Netflix release date: 2022

Stealing money, A global Spanish phenomenon, one of Netflix’s most influential and popular non-English language dramas. It was only a matter of time before an adaptation Stealing money Was put into production, and which country is better than South Korea to try and replicate the success of the show?

We know that filming began in September 2021, which means we can expect to see Stealing money Will be coming to Netflix in the last half of 2022.

K Drama Money Heist Cast coming to Netflix in 2022

Queen of Scenes (Season 1) N

Episode: TBA
Article: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Cast: Gang Heo Jin, Park Ha Sun.
Netflix release date: 2022

Gong Hyo Jin, last seen on KBS2’s popular drama, When camellia blooms, Coming back to Netflix for a new and exciting drama. The series is still in pre-production, which means it could have a release date towards the end of 2021.

Kim Ma Ri, a famous playwright from South Korea, has made a name for himself thanks to the striking twists and turns of his story. One day Ma Ri suddenly finds herself trapped in her own story, and desperately tries to get back to her own reality.

Remarriage and Desire (ason tu 1) N

Episode: 8
Article: Drama
Cast: Kim He-seon, Lee Hyun-wook, Jung Eugene, Cha Ji-eun, Park Hoon
Netflix release date: 2022

The upcoming JTBC-produced drama is still in pre-production, but with the announcement of the cast, we hope that the production will move towards filming soon.

At Rex, the exclusive matchmaking agency, the upper echelons of society are looked after. Members of the Matchmaking Service aspire to improve their social status by marrying into the elite and elite, especially those listed under the “black” level, an elite group that makes up only 0.001 percent of the population.

K Dramas Remarriage and Cast Cast is coming to Netflix in 2022

Sounds of Magic (Season 1) N

Episode: 6
Article: Drama
Cast: Ji Chang Wok, Choi Sung Eun, Huang In Yop, Nam Da Ryum, Hong Seo Hee
Netflix release date: 2022

Filming has been going on since September 10, 2021, which means we have to see the release The sound of magic By summer 2021.

Abandoned by her parents due to debt, Eun Ah E supports herself and her younger sister. Despite how busy he is with his part-time job and studies, Eun ah e is still one of the school’s best students. All Yun Ha Ye wants is to grow up as soon as possible so that he can get a stable job, and when he reveals his dreams to the magician Li Yul, his life changes forever.

Suriname (Season 1) N

Episode: 6
Article: Crime, drama, thriller
Cast: Ha Jong Woo, Huang Jong Min, Park Ha So, Joo Woo Jin, Yoo Yoon Seok
Netflix release date: 2022

Another highly exciting crime drama that we hope will hit customers. The word online is that South Korean critics and TV lovers can’t wait for the star-studded actor to perform, as they are waiting for the expected combination.

Based on true facts, Suriname is in South America, where a drug lord operating in the country has attracted the attention of the National Intelligence Service. The intelligence service enlisted the help of an ordinary entrepreneur who wanted to make his fortune in Suriname but was only on his knees in the world of drug crime.

K Drama 2022 Suriname Cast is coming to Netflix

The TBC jTBC drama is coming to Netflix in 2022

Below are all the familiar JTBC dramas coming out in 2022, but we’re still waiting to confirm which ones are coming to Netflix.

  • The youngest son of an association (ason tu 1)
  • My Release Diary (Season 1)
  • Insider (Season 1)
  • Meteorological Guy: The Cruelty of Office Romance (Season 1)
  • Irty Thirty (Season 1)
  • Green Mothers Club (Season 1)
  • Tell Me Your Wish (Season 1)
  • Blood Riding Profit (Season 1)
  • Sabbath City (Season 1)

The TBC tvN drama is coming to Netflix in 2022

Below are all the known TVN dramas coming in 2022, but we’re still waiting to confirm which ones are coming to Netflix.

  • Island (Season 1)
  • Big Face (Season 1)
  • Twenty-Five (Season 1)
  • Monster (ason you 1)
  • Military Prosecutor Doe Bay Man (Season 1)
  • Cruel Mrs. A Run (Season 1)
  • Yves Scandal (Season 1)
  • Unexpected Business (Season 2)
  • Nine-Tailed Story (Season 2)
  • Nine-tailed Story (Se Tu 3)

Which K-Drama are you looking forward to watching on Netflix in 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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