This change of Magic Kingdom is certainly not the “number one”

If you’re a fan of curiosities, you probably know a lot of fun facts about Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

If you want to impress your friends and family at Disney World, you can point out things like hidden Mickeys, symbolism, and more, and one of Disney World’s best-known curiosities is that of Freedom at Disney World. Whether you know what it is or not, you need to see what Disney World has done.

Freedom Square in Magic Kingdom is based on 18th century colonial America and, if you know anything about it, you may know that the settlers were not the best at disposing of … the waste. Without an indoor plumbing, settlers would remove human waste from the streets, which would normally lead to “sewer rivers”.

Freedom Square

In an effort to present a historically accurate look, Plaça de la Llibertat has a brown pavement that represents wastewater. Dirty. Technically there are no toilets in Liberty Square, so don’t drink too much water in the colonies.

Yes … they are supposed to be wastewater

Today we noticed a big change in the sewage river near the entrance to Fantasyland, where the brown pavement seems to have been replaced by a standard gray sidewalk color.

What is happening?

Could it be an ongoing job or maybe it was a mistake? Maybe it’s just number two on the Disney World to-do list (sorry). We will look at this area closely for more changes.

Do you see the difference?

Stay tuned to All Ears for more information on this development at Disney World.

This is what we learned from the busiest day at Disney World!

What do you think is happening? Tell us in the comments!

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