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Across Latin America, the boom of podcasts is being heard every moment and with the growing offer of all kinds of headlines, from documentary series to talk shows that make up the community.

At Spotify we are thrilled to be able to present new original and exclusive titles from the studio led by female talent. We highlight new podcasts that listeners can discover Inheritance, A series hosted by a Colombian journalist Mabel Lara That explores the roots of black culture in Latin America; A new season of Chilean documentary podcasts The Rare, Led by Catalina May, Which raises dissenting voices on social issues under a feminist perspective, now exclusively in Spotify; And a few shows in Mexico that provide different descriptions of pop culture and current affairs: Mex And Bravas.

Here we present a preview of new titles with the voices of creative women this season who will be with you week after week.


Inheritance An original Spotify audio-documentary series directed by Colombian journalist Mabel Lara, which connects the voices of new Afro-descendants with the history of our peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean. The podcast tells the story of a struggle inspired by inequality, rights, equality and justice. Black voices of art, politics, music, sports and activism, among many more. New episodes every Monday.


The latest Spotify original release made in Mexico. Directed by actress Verinika Toussaint and communicator Melissa Mochulske, the two women in their forties who don’t feel politically wrong don’t want to say what they think about various current issues. Humor and black humor will be your guests in this podcast full of humor. Bravas It wants to be a voice and outlet for many brave women who want to speak out loud and laugh at themselves. New episodes every Thursday.

The Rare

A newly acquired exclusive podcast in documentary format with a unique sound design.

Through its sound and original music, this production tells the story of freedom that breaks the rules and fights for social change.

The Rare Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, USA, Sweden, Spain and many more. Until September 23, the complete catalog and its new season are only available on the platform. New episodes every Thursday.


A Spotify original on pop culture that is hosted Marcella Lecuana, One of Mexico’s leading stand-up comedians; Coty camacho, Actress and director; And Louisa Almagar, Singer, communicator and trans activist.

The three discuss various, inclusive, feminist, fun, and extreme perspectives on current affairs, cinema, theater, and social issues. New episodes every Wednesday.

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