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Every week, our team showcases in the parks and sometimes goes shopping. With so much merchandise coming out for the 50’s, Halloween and beyond, there’s always something new to find. Here are the articles that stood out to us this week.

All this from Starbucks

Anyone visiting Walt Disney World in the 1980s will probably remember shopping bags with a retro pink and orange design. Starbucks has launched a line of merchandise for each park that produces the same feel, even for theme parks that weren’t open at the time. You can find large travel mug style cups, small ornaments and even the classic You Are Here mugs with a new look.

Mickey Mummy Popcorn Popcorn Cube

At Disney Springs, this popcorn cube caught all the attention. This bucket of Halloween popcorn Mickey reminds me of those old PVC benches they had in the eighties, if anyone remembers them? Everything old is new again, maybe?

Vault Collection in Fort Wilderness

And following this theme, we saw a variety of items from the Vault collection in Fort Wilderness. Like Magic Kingdom, Fort Wilderness is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and it’s great to see these classic-themed products available.

Would any of these items have reached the stack you purchased? Let us know in the comments.

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