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With so many options at hand, releasing music can be a bit daunting. But thoughtful and strategic planning can help ensure you listen. For its Nashville installment Co. LabNation is our nationwide event series designed to connect you with industry experts, help you expand your network, and help you understand the nuts and bolts of the modern music industry – we’ve invited a team of experts to help you set some challenges and strategies. You can walk on the way up. Your release.

From the direct experience of a recording artist to the direction of an artist director, the vision of a label and the vision of a creative director, our panel gave them pro tips on what works and what doesn’t. You. From how you prepare and set your goals, to knowing who your partners are and how to think about both attracting and attracting your audience, and since we want as many artists as possible to benefit from these ideas, See below to see what our Nashville summons had to say about the overall thing we’ve filmed the whole thing.

You can also watch the full video series from many more of our Colab events Here, And see This place For more information on upcoming events.

Conglab is an event and video series for working artists to meet their colleagues, get advice and make their careers the best workshops in the business. Co.Lab is presented by Spotify for hosts and artists. Click here to learn more.

R.LUM.R How to prepare for your next release

As an artist, how are you growing with your audience, especially in the vicinity of your latest release? Take it from R.LUM.R, who reveals what he has learned over the years-from preparation to post-release assistance পরীক্ষা to experimenting, attracting, and connecting with his fans in an authentic way.

Cameo Carlson Why it’s important to set goals

When it comes to releasing your music, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. And according to Cameo Carlson, president of Amity Nashville, some of the key elements behind your release strategy prevent you from setting the right goals. Carlson provides insights on how you as an artist can create goals tailored to your unique shape and employ your fans to create the dynamics of your current project … and then one.

David Adcock is attracting listeners to your new music

You need to tap into your audience and yourself to listen. But David Adcock, who works on Red Light Management’s marketing team, knows there are many confusions that can divert attention from your core audience. He shows us the way by finding the right way to help you stand out as an artist and give the audience a reason to really care about how you lean towards your identity.

Seth England is about creating a strategy of your own

Whether you’re skipping your first song or releasing your third album, there are some essential questions you should always ask yourself. Then, find the right combination of technology for who you are and where you want to go. Seth England, a partner at Big Loud, explains some of the key considerations for releasing your music – no matter where you are.

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