Chelsea Peretti Netflix Original Stand-Up Special Living Netflix in October 2021

Chelsea Peretti: One of the best – Photo: Netflix

Another Netflix original will release the service worldwide soon, the 2014 Stand-Up Special from Chelsea Peretti will release the service worldwide in October 2021.

Chelsea Peretti: One of the greats Netflix is ​​one of the stand-up specials released on Netflix worldwide on November 1, 2011.

Now, almost six years later, the stand-up special is currently scheduled to be removed from Netflix on October 1, 2021.

Never seen a special before? Here’s what you can expect if you plan to visit before leaving.

“Chelsea Peretti brings her one-hour special to One of the Greats on Netflix. Filmed live at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Brilliant. The Brooklyn star opened a new window into the star’s erroneous comic mind, showcasing Peretti’s diverse talents as an “One of the Greats” actor, standup, writer, and motorcycle enthusiast. “

The stand-up special was produced by New Wave Entertainment Television and directed by Lance Bangs.

The Netflix trailer for the special is still available online at the time of release, and Netflix’s Netflix is ​​a joke brand posting clips from the special throughout their YouTube channel by 2020.

If you’re wondering why a Netflix original special is leaving Netflix, you’ll be forgiven because it’s a bit confusing. The simple answer is that although the special was labeled Netflix Original, it was originally licensed exclusively for a certain period of time. Since we’ve covered extensively, there are dozens of Netflix originals that have left the service.

This is not the first Netflix original stand-up that has been removed. Nick Offman: American Ham was one of the first specials to be removed last year and last year Russell Peters saw two specials removed from Netflix.

The good news is that Chelsea Peretti will be available on other Netflix shows. He lets her voice Big mouth Cast, featuring Netflix stand-up specials Seth Rosen’s Hillary for Charity Even voiced in the Netflix Kids series, Harvey Street Kids.

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