Jack Snyder’s Netflix movie ‘Rebel Moon’: What We Know So Far

After its success The army of the dead And in its multi-spinoff development, Jack Snyder is reuniting with Netflix to create and manage his next project: Rebel moon, An epic sci-fi adventure with one Star wars Scope and scale. Indeed, it was a Star wars Once upon a time there was a movie when a version of Snyder was presented to Lucasfilm. Here’s a running look at what we can expect Rebel moon.

Jack Snyder will direct and co-write the film and reunite with many of his colleagues from past projects. Script for Rebel moon Will be co-written by She walks, Who co-wrote Army of the dead And Kurt Johnstad Those who have worked 300 With Snyder.

The Stone Query is the main production company behind the movie with Grand Electric and is listed as the production company of Eric Newman who has an overall deal with Netflix.

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Snyder commented on the inspiration for the rebellious moon in his THR interview:

“This is me growing up as an Akira Kurosawa fan, a Star Wars fan. It’s my love of sci-fi and a huge adventure.”

Snyder will produce Rebel moon With wife and production partner Deborah Snyder Through the Stone Quarry of the two with longtime principal Wesley Caller. Eric Newman, Who made his Snyder debut in 2004, Death from birth His band is producing through Grand Electric. Here’s what we know about Jack Snyder and Netflix Rebel moon:

What’s the plot? Rebel moon?

The gist of the story for Netflix Rebel moon Published by Hollywood Reporter. As has been published, the movie is massively inspired Star wars And used to be a Star wars Pitch a decade ago.

The story unfolds when a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy is threatened by the army of an oppressive ruler named Balisarius. Frustrated, the colonists send a young woman with a mysterious past so they can find warriors from neighboring planets so they can make their position.

Who is cast Rebel moon?

No cast has been announced for this Rebel moon Not just yet, but we should expect some familiar faces, with whom Jack Snyder has enjoyed working in the past.

What is the state of its production Rebel moon?

As of July 2021, Jack Snyders Rebel moon It is expected to enter production in early 2022, but no specific date or location is currently known.

“I’ve been working on this for so long, it’s quite far.”

In October 2021, we learned from ProductionWalk that production would begin “in the first quarter of 2022” in Inio County, California, USA.

The popular tourist destination has become a popular filming destination where more than Hollywood00 Hollywood movies have been shot here over the years and boasts that it is “the largest western backlot located in Lone Pine, CA”.

Going back to Star Wars, Death Valley National Park, located in Inio California, was the shooting location for New Hope and The Return of the Jedi in Star Wars IV.

Inio California illustration for Rebel Moon

Eti, California

What is the history of development Rebel moon?

About a decade ago, Rebel moon Originally there was one Star wars Pitch made by Jack Snyder. It will be more mature about the universe created by George Lucas and has not gone beyond meaningful conversation since the Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm in 2012. Be the very thing to revive suffrage Mandlorian.

Snyder at one stage and Newman at the back Narcos And Narcos Mexico, Went down the road to make it a series, but in the end it was decided to make it Rebel moon A feature film that Snyder has been actively working on for the past few years:

“I have spent the last two or three years creating this universe. Need to paint every corner. I am designing, constantly drawing and cultivating its truly fertile land to fully realize this world. ”

Willpower Rebel moon Will it become a cinematic universe?

The Netflix original movie is coming in 2021 and is out of the army of the dead

Since Snyder has already launched multiple Army of the dead The project for Netflix, the question is, will Rebel moon Be the same? Snyder’s answer is “optimistic.”

“My hope is that this is also a huge IP and a universe that can be created.”

What is the Netflix release date for? Rebel moon?

Netflix has not set a date Rebel moon Yet, but considering the potential opportunities for production, we should not hold our breath because it takes years to make films of this scale. We expect 2023 soon.

To see what Jack Snyder and his team are bringing to Netflix, check out our Jack Snyder guide.

What are you waiting for? Rebel moon On Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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