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Planning your universal vacation may involve images of Harry Potter, Minions and dinosaurs dancing in your head as you choose a hotel. But, did you know that the favorite part of most kids for their vacation is the pool? The hotel pool is not only an ideal place to relax during the half day vacation, but can also be an essential part of any holiday; just ask anyone visiting from Fargo in January. In this article, we will examine hotel pool options and compare their amenities so you can choose the perfect palatine pool for your party.

Details of the universal hotel pool

The pools at Universal hotels are modern, well-kept and equipped with lifeguards. The pool hours are usually from 9:00 to 22:00 depending on the season. All hotel swimming pools are protected to ensure the safety of guests and are accessed using the key card of your hotel room. A large number of armchairs, covered tables and towels are provided. All hotels have splashes or swimming pools for children and toddlers.

Each hotel also offers a poolside bar with soft drinks, draft beer, canned beer, mixed drinks and wine. For entertainment, all bars have a flat-screen TV.

All hotels offer pool activities such as games and music led by team members. Prime Value and higher level hotels also offer movie nights and outdoor games such as table football, volleyball and a corn hole.

Pool jump

The biggest difference between Universal and Disney hotel pools is the endorsement of the pool jump. All guests staying at Portofino Bay, Hard Rock, Royal Pacific, Sapphire Falls, Aventura and Cabana Bay can share each other’s pools. Want to try the lazy river in Cabana Bay? The quiet pools of Portofino? The stunning pool bar in Hard Rock? Do it.

The only hotels that do not participate in the pool jumping program are the Value resorts: Universal’s Endless Summer Surfside and Dockside.

Endless summer: keep it basic

Endless summer pool on the pier. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.

The cheapest Universal hotels offer swimming pools that are well worth a visit.

Surfside offers a pool and pool bar with exclusive drinks and a special Surfside beer on tap. Dockside has two swimming pools, each with its own bar, with special cocktails and some served in a small sand bucket. Guests can order drinks at the bar from sun loungers on their mobile phones, but full service is not available.

Endless summer pools strangely exceed about 4 meters in depth, which means those looking for deeper water will be disappointed.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort: Double pools full of family fun

“Active” pool to the north. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.

If you want the greatest variety of pool activities, book a stay at Cabana Bay. There are two pool areas in the Bae: the first is located next to a motel-type accommodation located at the north end of the hotel. This stronger pool features a water slide, children’s pool, sand activities, an Atomic Tonic pool bar and a music DJ.

“Quiet” pool to the south. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.

The quieter pool is on the south side of the hotel, near Volcano Bay. This pool includes the Hideaway Pool Bar, a pad, a campfire and a lazy river. Yes, a lazy river. The tubes can only be purchased, but we find that they are reasonably priced for Cabana Bay brand items; if you want to save a few bucks, buy cheap tubes online before your trip.

We believe Cabana Bay is the best pool for families and those looking for the widest range of hotel activities.

Adventure – Miami Chic

Adventure Hotel pool.

Adventure offers the smallest pool of any Universal hotel and only a moderate level of activities. The usual offers of splash pad, fire pit and movie nights are offered along with a pool bar. The pool has several laminar flow sources that “jump” into the pool.

As with the hotel itself, the pool is elegant, albeit small.

Sapphire Falls – Largest swimming pool in Universal

Sapphire Falls Pool.

Sapphire Falls offers Universal Orlando’s largest individual pool for those who need space to swim. The hotel’s pool also includes a water slide and a full-service bar at the lowest price for Universal Orlando. In addition, the hotel is within walking distance of Royal Pacific and Cabana Bay if you want to see the lazy river of the latter, which makes it a great location for the pool.

Royal Pacific: the best children’s play area

Royal Pacific water play area. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.

The Royal Pacific offers a standard pool with first-class facilities, including a full-service bar and great beachfront surroundings. However, this is the only Premier hotel without a water slide, which for some means a break from the offers. What’s missing from the quick splash slides makes up for it in serious craft with Universal’s most impressive splash pad. The theme of the water courtyard is a large garnet boat stern with multiple levels, breakwaters and waterfalls.

If your kids like water parks more than water slides, this might be your best bet.

Hard Rock Hotel: Chic updated

Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.

The Southern California theme of the Hard Rock Hotel extends to the pool which includes the full-service beach bar (not to be confused with the Disney resort), cabins, zero entry pool and a water slide. An underwater sound system also pumps songs into the pool for swimmers. If you liked the style of Adventure but wanted a wider pool option, we suggest the Hard Rock Hotel.

Portofino Bay: Pools with more adults

Portofino Bay offers three, yes three, swimming pools. The main beach pool to the west of the resort offers a zero entry sand beach to the pool, water slide, Splendido pool bar and more. The North Pool Pool offers cabin rentals with a fan, TV and refrigerator next to a square pool. The final pool, The Hillside, offers a quieter adult relaxation experience to the southeast of the resort.

Group comparison chart

As the children say, tl; dr, so here is a handy comparison chart for Universal hotel pools:

What is your favorite hotel pool in Universal Orlando? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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