When You Can’t Afford Audible

When You Can’t Afford Audible

Are you a lover of all things audible? You’re itching to keep getting their audiobooks, podcasts, or audio series but unfortunately, you are not able to easily afford the prices that range from $7.95 to $22.95 for the amazon audible monthly fee. The truth is that you are not alone, and many subscribers share this sentiment. However, the question is, what’s the solution?

Great audio online is synonymous with audible’s catalog, but the drawback is that with your purchase you are only allowed one popular book per month. This is the kind of bestselling book that you’ve been hearing about from everyone and dying to read.

The good news is you are in luck. There are many alternatives to audible online in the event that you can’t afford audible.

  1. Librivox. This website offers free audiobooks in the public domain category to all listeners worldwide. This website even gives you the option to volunteer recording a public domain audiobook. Some of the drawbacks with this website and their collection of audio books is that they can be old, and the quality can be very poor at times because of them having volunteers record. Regardless of these drawbacks, all the audio books are free with a reasonable amount and variety available in different languages.
  2. Google Play Audiobooks. A strong competitor that is pretty close to Amazon but without a subscription fee. You can choose to enjoy the option of one quality audio book per month on your Android, iOS, Web browser, and any other device that uses google assistant.
  3.  No monthly fee commitment with great accessible ad-free and affordable audio content. You can expect high quality audio by a group of talented authors, voice actors, business professionals and audio engineers.
  4. Royally Obsessed Podcast. This free podcast makes it easy to listen by web browser, giving you all the latest scoop happening in the British Royal Family.
  5. Planet Money. The NPR’s Planet Money Podcast is free, and an easy listen with a comprehensive explanation of the economy.
  6. How I Built This. This Podcast is also free and features interviews with founders and entrepreneurs. These individuals share their stories and best practices on the start up process.
  7. Chirp. This is an affordable way to bask in great audio book options. There is no membership fee and the prices for audio books are low even on popular audio books. Books are available after purchase only in the Chirp audiobook app.

Final Thoughts

You see, you are not out of luck if you can’t afford audible. There are many other alternatives for audiobooks and podcasts that are free, or you can purchase singly at a reasonable cost without the need to be tied to a monthly membership fee. 

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