3 funny things that happened to DFB reporters at Disney World last week

Our DFB reporters are hardworking people. They are in the parks every day of the week to bring the latest news, facing the heat, crowd and general chaos of Disney World.

It was all week!

Last week, our Disney Warriors arrived in the parks for their 50th anniversary, their phones charged, cameras ready and reusable utensils on hold, ready to try out what looked like a million snacks and share photos of all the news . And let’s just tell you, it wasn’t a normal Friday. Last week some pretty funny things happened to our DFB reporters.


So, you may have heard that Disney World released over 150 candies and snacks for its 50th anniversary. And here at DFB, we tried MANY! But what you may not know is this about 70% of these delicacies were colored with blue dye and at the end of the day we had the feeling that we were ready to be screened in the next Smurfs movie.

Why is everything so BLUE ?!

Mans. Languages. Cares. Lips. Even our SHOES had blue tint: how does this happen? We honestly have no idea why it was all a sugary, bright EARidescent blur.

The birds just wanted to celebrate

We spent most of October 1st filling our faces with a variety of snacks and new foods, but apparently some other creatures wanted to partake in the fun. If you’ve ever dined outdoors at one of Disney World’s fast food restaurants, you know that from time to time quite interesting wildlife encounters take place.

No, bird … this is OUR meatball!

Sometimes animals (which are used to feeding), by the way, is a no-no, they have a little more confidence than they should. When it became a pretty surprising problem a large bird almost flew right next to the head of a reporter in an attempt to steal the meatloaf from under his nose. An optimistic plan? For sure. But it’s definitely not the most stealthy we’ve ever seen.

Disney KiteTails

Ahh, Disney KiteTails, the newest (and perhaps most entertaining) addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You never know for sure what you will achieve with this program and we experienced it first hand when we saw it on Saturday.

We can’t blame him, he was just tired.

We went on to catch the Jungle Book version of the show in the afternoon and, halfway through the performance, the big star Baloo took a look at the trees. Honestly, it almost felt like how we felt after our 50th birthday. Very happy to rest so necessary during a poor quality weekend, but seriously friend, you are at work. How would HR feel when taking naps at work? 😉


First look at the new #KiteTails program 🪁 which will hit #AnimalKingdom on October 1st. #disney #disneyparks #disneyworld #disneyworld #kite #kiteflying

♬ Breaking Free: from “High School Musical” / soundtrack version – Troy & Gabriella

As you can see, we experience some pretty weird things as we report on DFB. The 50th anniversary was a fantastic party, but some pretty fun and interesting things happened.

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Did you visit Disney World last week? Let us know in the comments.

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