Disney World dragged someone from the NEW 50th Anniversary Wishables collection ?!

Disney was GREAT with new products for the 50th anniversary. We’re talking about multiple collections, each with dozens of new items exclusive to Disney’s big 18-month anniversary.

You look good in those EARidescence dresses!

But the new merch keeps coming! We have found a new (adorable) collectible that you will want to see, but you will have to ask yourself if you want one for yourself …

Disney released it for the first time 50th Anniversary Wishables with our favorite characters! But there is a problem: blind bags are stored behind the counter in certain places and are limited to two per guest.

You will need to ask a cast member for them.

We found the new Wishables at Once upon a time gift shop at Disney Studios Hollywood. Every blind bag is $ 14.99.

We Wishables!

After spending some time appreciating how beautiful these guys are with their EARidescent costumes, we realized that Disney forgot someone. We see Dale, though where is Chip?! You can’t have one squirrel without the other. Well, Chip is a weird and special Wishable, so it will be in some of the mysterious packages.

No Chip, sadly.

Rest assured, you can also pick up Mickey and Minnie, which are available for $ 14.99 each. You don’t need to ask a cast member to see these two characters, as they were available on a rack of the Once Upon a Time Gift Shop.

Mickey and Minnie Wishables

We also saw them at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and they were NOT behind the counter, so it depends on which park you are at.

These new Wishables are a limited edition item, so be sure to grab them while you can. We’re not sure how long these guys will stay. In the meantime, stay tuned to AllEars for updated news about Disney.

Have you broken any of these seven unexpressed Walt Disney World rules?

Pick up Disney Wishables? Let us know in the comments.

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