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The live show is a huge symphony of moving parts and external variables, and it is foolish to leave any of it to chance. The key to a quality, smooth running gig is a well-executed advance. Advance is a document (often electronic) sent by either the visiting team or the venue that informs both parties what to expect. It can specify what type of gear can be used, what the parking situation will be like, what food arrangements, in some cases, even sleeping accommodation. Working these details ahead of time is the best way to prevent many hiccups that can send the show into a tailspin.

We spoke in advance with two elders, both of whom worked on both sides of the fence. Dan Ostreich is the former owner of Brooklyn’s most popular show and current production manager in St. Vitas, and has worked on a number of festival productions and has also had fun touring parties, the US and the EU. Barbarian, Ice age, World / Inferno Friendship Society, And much more. Its current manager is Aaron Signs Mental illness And True widow, Among other bands, and works as a talent buyer for the esteemed LA Club Zebulun. His travel experience is similarly extensive, including logging dates with artists Kurt Will, Jenny the whale, And, most recently, Boris.

Spotify for Artists: What’s in advance, in your words?

Dan Oestreich: The purpose of a breakthrough is to increase understanding between the artist and the venue. It’s usually an email between the two that gives a list of what’s in the space and what’s available to the artist – which can be two different things. From the artist’s point of view, it’s the opposite scene, so the venue can be prepared to deal with what’s coming at the door. A good example might be if a band travels with their own mixing console – it’s never good to show up and it can be wonderful news at a venue. The house engineer always wants to know the need for a product like this and be ready for the time.

Aaron Signs: I see progress as the beginning of the relationship between the promoter, the club and the artist. The more you travel, the more you realize that the people you meet are always moving forward, so by entering into it you should make sure that you treat them with respect and that the first step is a strong and initial step forward. In any case communication is the key to a strong relationship.

What are the key components in advance?

Sign: Advance must contain all of the following information: address, club name, show full run load load-in, sound check and scheduled time c Catering / buyout details, Wi-Fi information, parking details, curfew, backline, stage plot, and more A lot. In addition, I wanted details of laundry facilities, showers and bathrooms, even around the area – food, safety, etc.

What do you think is the most common mistake with moving forward?

Oestreich: Well, the most common mistake is not to move forward at all. A bus cabinet of a band may be needed to perform and it was probably sent for repairs and if the venue does not know, it can lead to a lot of shaking. But it becomes a real problem when a band omits data from the advance, which can be a real problem for the production crew.

Sign: No details are too small. For some people, lighting is a key element of performance and it is very important to prepare for it. Each band is different, so it’s important to know the intricacies from venue to venue. In one instance I might think, a band didn’t move forward that they needed a projector, and that completely changed the band’s live show for its loss.

What are some possible consequences of a poorly made advance?

Oestreich: This is really a domino effect. Say you don’t know what time load-in is – you may arrive too late, which could kill the sound check, ruin your ability to set up the march effectively, eat, prepare for the gig, etc. knowing all the variables, or At least being aware of them will have a profoundly positive effect on performance.

Sign: A bad progression can also create a bad attitude on the scene, which can affect the performance and the artist’s desire to return.

Want to add something specific about the band and the advancing show?

Oestreich: If you want something, ask it.

Sign: Understand that the club is fielding a lot of these advances, so try to be as clear, concise and efficient as possible. Don’t be afraid to follow and ask questions.

“Fred Pesaro.”

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