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Pop visionary Naz He has become one of the most popular pop stars in the Netherlands since the release of his first EP in 201 debut. Bit of Naz. She won two awards for Best Newcomer and Best Video at the 2018 Edison Pop Awards in her home country, and she traveled with her choices. Hailey Kyoko And Arch fire. His vocals have changed since his debut with a new song like Pumping. “Tape“And hiccups”Loss 🙁“Channeling deep emotions.

All in all, Naz has continued to have a conversation with his fans on social media, even bringing them into the creative process behind the “loss :(” music video.

Spotify for Artists: How did you get your fans in the process behind the “loss :(” video?

Naz: I put the song online a few weeks before it was released, and I asked my fans to make a drawing of their interpretation behind the song. And then I got a motion designer to create a music video from their drawings, where basically all of their drawings are coming to life.

How much time did you give them to respond to your call?

Two to three weeks. Not so long ago! I have a lot of respect for the amount of drawing I have received. They were very quiet – when I write music, I see things in my mind and then I express them in words. But now, my fans are putting my words into visuals, and showing me how everyone understands the song in a completely different way.

Why did you open the video for this song for them?

I thought, “A sad song like this – it can be almost as personal as mine.” It’s one of those moments where you feel special because you feel bad. But many feel bad – it’s not special at all. I wanted to show how we are all the same and different at the same time.

Opening that connection with the fans is a bold move.

Thanks. Yes, it’s funny. The cameraman of this music video today, he was, “You post a lot of weird pictures of yourself, and I think it’s nice because it shows who you’re not really afraid to be, but why are you so scared? Show yourself in a very nice way?” It wasn’t meant in a bad way – he was saying it in a nice way. But I told him, “Because I want people to stop thinking like you. I don’t want my fans – or anyone watching my videos, or watching my Instagram, or listening to my songs, because I think the ‘fans’ are listening so loudly. – They think they can’t do what I’m doing. ”

I think you need to be able to be special without being special at all. The moment you start working just to be unique – that’s when you become truly original. Everyone wants to be special. But when you start embracing how many people like you, it’s a beautiful thing. This means you are not alone, and there are many stories you can relate to that you don’t know yet.

Your new music is much more raw and visceral than your first EP. What has inspired this change in your artistic outlook?

I made my first EP at home, and I also produced most of it. This means that I could not leave the room and continue working – for example, if you have a studio session with your producer, you can write a song, leave the room for a few hours, come back, and it’s Like never stopped making songs. But if you make it yourself, you have to work all day by yourself, so it’s being promoted to re-lay to you all the time. If you write a song that really confronts the way you feel, you’re dealing with it all day. If I have a sad song like “Loss :(,” and I have to listen to it all day while working, it will break me completely, especially at the moment that you are making it.

My first EP looks so happy because I just wanted to feel the butterfly. I thought the older you get, the less butterflies you will feel, because things aren’t new anymore. And I was looking for those butterflies in melodious and specific words and specific words. But then I had to do that music live, and that’s when it hit me that I’ve been on my own for so long. It hit me, because I felt like I was almost screaming at someone that I wasn’t right.

With this new music, I decided to work with the producers because I thought, “Okay, I want to make music that sounds like most of my feelings, and I have to write it down and be able to get out of the house for an hour to get my mental Health is back on track after that intense encounter. ”I found a way to no longer be afraid of myself, what would happen to me if I spoke out loud without fear.

What kind of advice would you give to artists who are concerned about social media or presenting themselves in a way that is not musical?

No one cares as much as you do. If you post something you don’t like enough or whatever – because sometimes I hear people say something like that – you might get annoyed, but everyone else forgets it in a matter of seconds. They’re not going to bed thinking about it because everyone is more focused than your own life.

The point should not be the big Instagram star. The point should be that your music is enough to trigger enough attention in someone’s mind when they hear that they will see you as a person. And that’s why I’m not really worried about a lot of followers or likes or whatever, because there are some listeners who don’t Google you, but they still are.

At the end of the day the music will be there forever. You can make it look like something you really like, so you don’t feel like you wore a mask when you looked back a few years later.

– Maura Johnston

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