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Canvas, currently in a limited beta, gives artists the ability to upload their own visual loops to their tracks in Spotify. When you have the option to enhance each of your songs with a unique moving image, there is plenty of creative potential for storytelling, context, world-building, and audience presence-you can enrich your audience using the Spotify mobile app by connecting them in a whole new way. Experience than before. Once you’ve learned the basics of how to create and upload your canvas, use these tips to make the most of your visuals, turning them into statements that can inspire and add.

1. Choose footage without talking, singing or rapping.

With just-to-second clips, the canvas doesn’t sync with the track, so trying to sync video with the song isn’t practical; It will have an awkward overdub effect.

2. Avoid fast video cuts or sharp flashing graphics.

Cutting too fast can make your canvas visually difficult to grasp, and glittering pictures can overwhelm anyone who sees it.

3. Remember to focus on “safe areas”.

Don’t place anything important in the “hidden area” (which is only visible on certain phones) and keep in mind that player controls will partially block the bottom half of the screen.

4. Consider excluding song titles and artist names.

The artist’s name, song title, and track length are already visible in the Now Playing view on the Spotify mobile app. Let the pictures tell themselves from every square inch.

5. Learn to scoop on three types of loops.

Find your way into the loop options and choose the best one for your image. The Continuous loop There is a satisfying feeling of an “odd” looping gif without any clear beginning or end. It may take some practice or knowledge of how to get an accurate one, but it is worth the effort. The Hard cut The loop has clear editing points, but – as This example from L’Impératrice Shows – even that can be artistically disguised Rebound The easiest way for a novice video maker to get a seamless clip: it plays your clip up front and then flips it over. E.g. This example From Tune-yard As it turns out, the effect is not only fluid, but enchanting. (Remember – these only work on our mobile apps!)

6. Try to tell a complete story at the scheduled time.

Millions of super-creative people have proven that you can do a lot with a little where video is concerned. A canvas can last from just seconds to seconds, but incomplete storylines or dramatically trimmed music videos can make your fans crave more. Take a look at a few Here are living examples For inspiration.

7. Connect your vision across your Spotify profile.

You’ve probably already uploaded album art, a profile picture, a header image, and probably a playlist. So what you do on your canvas is a part of your personality in Spotify. Why not sew artistic perspectives together across your profile? Notice how Home uses half-circle motifs in his canvas visuals একটি a theme that appears in his album art and even track titles.

8. Try to create a theme or narrative that goes beyond an entire album.

Instead of creating twelve separate visuals for his 2019 album Tangerine Dream II, Alex Wiley A flashing TV and a surreal living room table combine tracks and visuals with this motif.

9. Update without hesitation.

Unlike the art printed on the cover of a physical album, you can change your canvas over time, or as your look develops. Billy IlishFor example, he updated his canvases to celebrate his fans, filling each track with an animated version of Fan Art. Change your canvas to tell a story, explore different perspectives, keep people busy – or just keep things interesting for you!

10. Let your music live for the moment.

What combination is there between your tunes and the holidays? Is there anything in the news that has inspired you? Canvas is a tool that lets you express yourself and you can update it whenever inspiration comes. As an example, Tycho Possessed a catalog for Pride, updated all its canvases to celebrate the month. Thanks to the ability to change your canvas, your songs can be captured Here and now Never like before.

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