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Located on the grounds of the Disneyland Hotel, Tangaroa Terrace is a fast-food restaurant and bar serving Asian-Polynesian-inspired food and drink. This tropical poolside retreat attempts to evoke an island feel, and is decorated with Tiki torches, shaded by palm trees and music from the South Seas.

As you can see, Tangaroa Terrace is a small portion of the Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort.

Most of the outdoor seating is dedicated to neighboring Trader Sam Enchanted Tiki Bar, but Tangaroa Terrace has a fair amount of indoor and outdoor seating.

These images don’t show many people, but the scene looks very different on weekends and holidays, as visitors approach the bar to get their whistles wet. Tangaroa Terrace has an attached bar with an extensive drinks menu (offering the same drinks as Trader Sam’s). You will have to order them separately, which means waiting in two different lines if you want a cocktail with your food. The image shows Schweitzer’s non-alcoholic waterfalls with tropical juices and Sam’s Gorilla Grog, covered in Sprite. It’s sweet (like all Trader Sam’s mixed drinks), but this is my favorite of the non-alcoholic deals.

First, we have the 1/2 lb. Angus Hawaiian Cheeseburger with grilled pineapple, smoked apple wood bacon, havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and sweet and spicy spread, and they are served with french fries. of sweet potato. This is a very good sweet and savory burger and I really enjoyed the mince. But, good sir, $ 18 is a lot for what is essentially a cheap burger with pineapple parks tossed inside. I’ll also take the opportunity to talk about how much I love sweet potato fries. Disneyland was a few years back when most of the park’s fast food restaurants included chips instead of regular chips and it was glorious. If you want a legitimately good burger for a few bucks more, check out Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer at Disney Center.

Very quickly, the rest of the tickets for this publication were bought through a mobile order, which is why they are dedicated to going to boxes instead of on a plate.

Here’s the Hawaiian Platter, which includes Thai jasmine rice seasoned with furikake and macaroni salad, served with roasted pork belly or poached chicken breast. I opted for the chicken and was disappointed with the tiny amount that was provided. I don’t like to re-focus on price and quality, but for me you can’t practice $ 17 for four slices of chicken and a small spoonful of rice and macaroni salad. Again, it was tasty, but I can’t recommend it because of the small portion. If you want a bowl of chicken and rice that is generally better, cheaper, and with a larger portion size, go to Lucky Fortune Cookery within Disney California Adventure.

One of the staples of Trader Sam since it opened is the long beans with Panko crust ($ 10). Fortunately it has been added to the Tangaroa terrace menu. It’s a perfect shareable snack while sipping drinks or as a complement to any of the dishes you order. The long beans they have are crispy and tasty, and the included aioli togarashi is also good.

While the Hawaiian cheeseburger doesn’t have good value, the baby cheeseburger isn’t bad. Get the burger, sweet potato fries, fruit, and milk or water all for $ 10.

Overall, we enjoy Tangaroa Terrace for its food, drinks and atmosphere, but it is very expensive for fast food. But maybe if you pay up to $ 650 a night to stay at the Disneyland Hotel, you’ll also be fine paying $ 18 for a burger. Also, as we mentioned earlier, Trader Sam’s drink menu is available at this location, making it a good faster alternative to the busy and popular bar.

Do you have a favorite of the Tangaroa terrace menus or Trader Sam? Let us know in the comments.

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