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Somewhere high up in the Hollywood Hills, the wind blows through the palm trees. There is a chair on a rug on an exterior deck, and the infinite expanse of the backyard LA spreads the horizon in a soft focus fog. In this scene, this past September, that rapper Trippy Red Santer- all black and neon and tangled yellow sandals and socks – sit on the outdoor throne to give his best advice. Using her phone as a mirror, she took her fears out of her mouth and lit her bling-encrusted gold grill, ready to shed some knowledge.

The buzz of this Canton, Ohio native য who now lives in Angels City শুরু began in his mid-teens, with his debut 2017 Mixtape, A love letter to you, Melodic, slurry, high-hat rattled pps that go to id on the billboard chart on board number. Since then he has collaborated with everyone Young thugs, Per Travis Scott, Late rapper XXXTentacion, Including his latest album revealing three more high charting mixtape and two major labels full length! Although his songs are straightforward in matters such as mental health and heartbreak, in order to straighten out the flex and disc tracks, his effects are pure Gen Z: a ​​melting pot. Nirvana, A down system, Kanye, Lil Wayne, And Drake.

At age 20, Trippy Red became extraordinarily confident. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. The answer is no. He says he listens carefully to his mother’s advice, making sure he knows she’s listening, but when it comes to applying these words of wisdom, Trippy goes his own way. Yet there is a piece of advice that he adheres to, and it comes from the most unlikely of the unlikely historical sources.

Check out this latest episode of the best advice above and see all of our previous installments with Lizo, Quincy Jones, Rick Ross, Karen and many more Here.

Behind the scenes of Trippy Red Best Advice, a picture of Brian Guido

Behind the scenes of Trippy Red Best Advice, a picture of Brian Guido

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