BRB. Add this house created by Disney Imagineer to our list “If we win the lottery”

As Disney nerds, we have seen amazing Disney inspired houses and apartments that they have made us drop the jaws of their marvelous wonder.

We would like to be able to live here …

From a house designed by the same architect who designed Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle to a CURRENT castle near Disney World to a house that came straight out of all our Disney design dreams, we’ve gone long time wishing the stars the $$$ to live in places like these!

Well, now we’ve seen a house designed by an iconic Disney Imagineer that we want to live in. The house, an estate of 2,892 square meters called Villa di Fontani, was designed by Fred Joerger, who helped create Sleeping Beauty and the Matterhorn Castle. And as you can imagine, this mansion is GORGEOUS. It starts even before you reach the front doors with some lovely water features.

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According to the Realtor.com listing, “Villa Di Fontani Estate was conceived with the same magic that gave life to Disneyland’s first park. Designed and built by one of the three original Disney Imagineers Fred Joerger, this masterpiece also contains works of art by other Disney artists such as Walt Peregoy, Tyrus Wong and Travis Johnson. This property, steeped in old Hollywood history, is made to overwhelm the senses. “

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The house has some awesome stained glass art! It gives you that style of art Hercules vibrations, too?

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It’s surrounded by waterfalls that seem to have come straight from a Disney movie.

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It may not be a castle, but it is certainly suitable for a Disney princess. There is even one Indoor waterfall with a Koi pond. Say what?

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And check the space it has, but the most important thing is to look out this window and tell us that this house does not have its World of color going through here!

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Okay, so it’s not EXACTLY World of Color, but these fonts are awesome.

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In true Disney Imagineer fashion, you’ll find a TON of intricate details throughout the estate.

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According to the list, “Wherever you are in the house or on the property, in whatever direction you look there will be an attraction to catch your eye.” This is the way Disney Imagineer is.

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The listing also indicates that the current owner spent 11 years “Lovingly caring for and restoring this property to its magical glory.” And we believe it! This house really is magical!

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But before we started packing to move in, we didn’t discuss the issue of payment … well, this house will get you back $ 2.7 million if you are interested. That’s a lot of cash !!

Come back soon because we’ll be sharing even more Disney-inspired or Disney Imagineer-created homes because, well, we can all dream together, right?

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What’s the most fantastic house you’ve ever seen inspired by Disney? Let us know in the comments.

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