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A musician has more ways than the music they make. That’s why we’re constantly working to expand your creative potential as an artist, and make sure you have the information you need to know what works (and what doesn’t). If you’ve already tested using Canvas – our tool that lets you take a “no playing” view with looping visuals in the Sputifi mobile app – or are new to beta and think about using it, you’ll know if it’s worth the effort. This is where the matrix comes in.

Since Canvas was first introduced in limited beta, we have gained some important insights. So far, the data indicate that with accurate, engaging content, canvas track streams, track shares, and artist page visits are likely to increase significantly. But of course because each canvas is unique, that effect varies. Adding a visual element to your music inspires listeners to come back and hear you again, dive deeper into your artist page to learn more about you and share your music with your friends and followers if they dig into what they see and hear. .

To help you understand more about the audience you’re connecting with, Canvas metrics store the total stream, including the audience’s complement to your access, and insights into the views. View Count is an invaluable piece of information for determining how effective your canvas was: Marketing professionals like to call it a funnel, meaning these experiences serve as a key part of a listener’s journey from first discovering your music to being a devoted fan. And the better your canvas, the better those numbers can be. Adding a high-quality canvas to a track has resulted in streams up to 120% and savings of up to 114%, as well as inspecting artist profiles and increasing shares. You can see the statistics on your canvas along with the statistics of your other songs Music page on Spotify for artists.

We’re just providing the tool – now, it’s up to you to create the perfect experience for your audience. The process of making the canvas will take a little extra time and effort, we think it is worth it. This feature allows you to think outside the box, to be personal and to increase the audience’s ability to touch in a multidimensional way. And all the feedback is growing, so if you change the canvas, the scenes for the new will be associated with the existing philosophy. When thinking through possibilities, be sure to check us out 10 tips to get the most out of your canvas.

And this is just the beginning. We continue to work on additional features and formats to allow listeners to engage with you and your music in a more comprehensive way, as well as more tools and metrics to help you better understand how your art has reached your audience. For now, we know that canvas can enhance the power of a song and the power of your own unique story.

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