Disney legend Ruthie Tompson dies at age 111

For many years, Disney has strived to be a company dedicated to making magic. And this magic is largely done by the people who work in the company.

Ruthie Tompson, left, walks with Walt Disney and two of her colleagues in the Ink & Paint department. [Courtesy of D23]

Many cast members and amazing employees have been a part of Disney’s history and today we pay tribute to one of these people after his passing.

Disney legend Ruthie Tompson died at her home in Woodland Hills, California, on Sunday, October 10th. In his 111 years of life, Tompson contributed greatly to the success of The Walt Disney Company.

© Disney | Disney Legends, Ruthie Tompson and Whoopi Goldberg

He started in the Ink and Painting Department and eventually made his way through various roles in final checking, scene planning and the camera department. She worked at the company for 40 years and was the employee with the longest history with Walt and Roy O. Disney. He retired in 1975 and was named a Disney legend in 2000.

Ruthie Tompson is shown in her workplace at Walt Disney Studios. [The Walt Disney Company]

“Ruthie was a legend among animators and her creative contributions to Disney, since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs a The rescuers – be beloved classics to this day, “said Bob Iger, Disney’s chief executive.” While we will miss his smile and wonderful sense of humor, his outstanding work and pioneering spirit will forever be an inspiration. for all “.

Ruthie Tompson poses for a photo outside the movie and television house. [Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter]

Ruthie Tompson’s contributions to the Walt Disney Company and her classic films will not be forgotten. Our condolences are presented to his friends and family.

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