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Today we are thrilled to share the newly designed Refreshed Spotify for Artist app for both iOS and Android. The app is your go-to companion for understanding your audience and statistics, how to make the most of Spotify, celebrate your new releases and milestones, and manage your profile.

New app – now available Google Play And Apple’s App Store – A refreshed design, a new “Home” tab with resources and updated access about your milestones and expands real-time statistics for new releases. From studios to tours, wherever you are, our new features Spotify for Artists will bring you the convenience at your fingertips:

Celebrate your new release and milestone

Releasing new songs? Congratulations! The latest Spotify app for artists continues to help you keep track of your new releases with real-time listening status for the first week after they go live. That means you can see how many listeners are playing your tracks around the world at any given moment. We’re making it easier to track important milestones – from the time you create them into a playlist, to the time you get new followers. Real-time statistics

Real-time statistics

Learn the latest tips and tricks

In the new Home tab, we’ll give you recommendations for articles and videos to get the most out of Spotify. From understanding how to read your data and seeing presentations from us Co. Lab Learn and get about events, product updates Best advice From some of the most successful artists in the world, it can be found in all apps.

The new & quot;  Home & quot;  Tab

New “Home” tab

Understand your fans

As always, we’re making it as easy as possible to find out who’s listening to your song – who they are, where they’re coming from, and jamming to similar artists. You’ll be able to see your latest stats for all your songs and playlists in a clear and visual way.

Understand your fans

Understand your fans

Manage your profile or roster of artists

Have an exciting update to share on the street and with your fans? With the ability to manage your profile image, bio, playlist and artist selection, you can easily manage your profile from the artist page shown below. Manage a list of artists? Now it is easy to switch between artists. Manage your profile

Manage your profile

If you’ve already verified with Spotify for Artists, Download the iOS app here Or Go to Play Store to download Android. If not, Click here to sign up.

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