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Galactic Grill is a fast food restaurant located at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Formally known as Tomorrowland Terrace, this restaurant serves standard fast food dishes such as burgers, chicken sandwiches, chips and a salad. Galactic Grill is constantly busy and its large outdoor seating area is usually full of people drowning. We assume this is due to its highly visible location and proximity to some of Disneyland’s most popular attractions. Despite the large number of people eating here, TouringPlans.com and Unofficial Guide for Disneyland readers consider it the second worst fast food restaurant in the park. Google scores aren’t much better, with Galactic Grill averaging 3.6 out of 5 stars.

The image shows the order and collection of food. There is no sign indicating the name of the restaurant.

By far, the highlight of eating at Galactic Grill is the beautiful Tomorrowland 2055 mural that adorns the ceiling of the shadow structure. This mural was designed by former Imagineer Eddie Soto and still looks good after almost 25 years.

This review will be quick, as the current Galactic Grill menu is limited. This is the Specialty Burger, which includes a beef pie angus, provolone, onion strings, sweet spicy bacon and “Space Sauce”, and is served with chips.

Disney definitely tried to do something different here and the result is a good mix of flavors. I also appreciate it being an important meal. The burger specialty costs $ 15.49, but has a better value than the standard cheeseburger on the menu, which is $ 12.79.

The fried chicken sandwich contains cabbage salad and spicy Parmesan ranch and french fries are also served. I found the fried chicken pie to be very smooth, but at least there is a real layer of chicken in this sandwich, unlike the Hungry Bear restaurant chicken sandwich. Like the cheeseburger, the chicken sandwich is also priced at $ 12.79.
Here is a photo of a cup of Greek yogurt. The end.

Just kidding, french fries can be substituted for Greek yogurt in any of the Galactic Grill dishes.

In general, there is nothing worth making money at Galactic Grill. If you’re in the area, head to the much better Jolly Holiday Bakery or Red Rose Tavern in Fantasyland. Even Galactic Grill seasonal items are usually pale compared to those found in the rest of the park.

Share your opinion about Galactic Grill or give some good quick service alternatives to Disneyland in the comments below.

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