Harlan Cobain ‘Stay Close’ Netflix Series: What We Know So Far

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The team behind Newcomer And Safe Their fourth Harlan Cobain is reuniting under the Netflix adaptation title Stay close, An adaptation of Cobain’s # 1 New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. Here is what we know so far.

Author Harlan Cobain is no stranger to Netflix viewers because they have had the opportunity to see such adaptations of their work over the years. Newcomer, Safe And Five.

Longtime collaborators Nicola Schindler and Richard Fee are working as executive producers on the new play, Stay close, With creators Harlan Cobain and Danny Brocklurst, who is again the lead author.

Stay close to the team

Left to right: Richard Fee, Harlan Cobain, Danny Brocklurst and Nicola Schindler at Netflix Premiere Newcomer

Harlan Cobain shares his excitement for working with the same team again with another adaptation of his work:

“I’m delighted and excited to be back with Danny Brocklurst, Nicola Schindler and Richard Fee – the same team that made it. Newcomer, Safe And Five. Netflix has been a great home and from what I’ve seen so far, Stay close We will have the most interesting and hesitant series. “

Nicola Schindler, its executive producer Stay close, Says:

“It’s a pleasure to work with Harlan, Danny and Richard for the fourth collaboration, as we push each other for more conflicting ideas and twists. Glad to bring Harlan’s books and stories to the screen.”

We also know its chief director Stay close: Daniel O’Hara. O’Hara has worked in many productions before Doctor K., Victoria, Brassic And Cobain’s Newcomer And Safe. He will also serve as executive producer of the new limited series.

Daniel and Hara2

Director Daniel O’Hara

The new series will be produced by Red Company Productions who have come up with the aforementioned Harlan Cobain adaptation. Sarah Dull, the newly appointed CEO of Red Productions, added in a press release:

“Harlan’s book and Danny’s screenplay make the crime drummer an irresistible cocktail – who knew such thrilling mysteries and lies in our suburbs?” RED is very proud to bring this great story to Netflix.

Stay close The latest Netflix project for Harlan Cobain, to develop his 14 title films and TV dramas as part of his current five-year contract with Streamer. Read more about them in our preview about everything from Harlan Cobain to Netflix.

What Stay close About Netflix?

Netflix’s Stay close Harlan Cobain’s # 1 will be based on the New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, published in 2012.

The official logline for Netflix adaptation is here Stay close:

“The story follows three people who lead comfortable lives, each hiding a dark secret that even those closest to them will not suspect; Megan, a working mother of three; Ray, once a promising documentary photographer, is now stuck in a dead-end job with celebrity-obsessed rich kids, and Broom, a detective who is unable to drop a missing person’s cold case. Lauren, an old friend of Megan’s in the past, gave some shocking news that would affect all three characters. When the past comes back to haunt them, threatening to destroy their lives and the lives of the people around them, what will be their next step?

Harlan Cobain's poster Netflix shut down

Harlan Cobain’s Netflix series poster, stay tuned

Danny Brocklurst, author:

“After its unprecedented success Newcomer, I’m glad to collaborate again with RED, Netflix and master storyteller Harlan Cobain. Stay close The dark heart of suburban life will turn a compelling twist through the heart that makes visitors desperate for answers. ”

Netflix, in line with previous adaptations, according to Red Company Productions Stay close The story will move from the United States to the coast of the United Kingdom.

Who is cast Stay close?

Netflix has three main leads Stay close Is Kush Jumbo (The Good Fight, The Good Wife, Deadwater Fell), James Nesbitt (Bloody Sunday, missing) And Richard Armitage (The Stranger, The Hobbit, Hannibal). They will play Megan, Broom and Ray, respectively. On October 2, 2020, they were first announced to join the cast of Netflix.

In a recent press release from Red Productions, all three of them expressed their joy at participating in Harlan Cobain’s exciting project:

Kush Jumbo (Megan): “I’m thrilled to be working with Netflix, Nicola and the whole team. Stay close. Can’t wait to get my teeth in such a brilliant British thriller. ”

James Nesbitt (Broom): “The team at RED is a northern powerhouse of world-class TV. They’re a benchmark for quality drama, and I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great production.

Richard Armitage (Ray): “I can’t wait to get back to Manchester to work with Nicola, Danny, Harlan and the team again. I like Harlan’s style and this plot and character will be brilliantly challenging. At a time when we are apart; ‘Stay close‘Promise to break all the rules. “

Author Harlan Cobain also shared his thoughts on casting:

“Talk about a dream-real cast-Kush jumbo, a fiery and great genius; Jimmy Nesbitt, a legendary actor I always wanted to collaborate with; And wow, Richard Armitage is back again! “

The main trio will be joined by a diverse set of such talented actors Eddie Izard (Hannibal), The whole parish (Bancroft), Daniel Francis (Small ax), Bethany Antonia (Even get), Rachel Andrews (Butcher Boy), Poppy Gilbert (Pale horse) And Huey O’Grady (May Day).

How many asons will you / episode Stay close?

Harlan Cobain’s adaptation of Netflix Stay close There will be a limited series of eight-episodes, which means only one season of eight one-hour episodes.

What is the state of production Stay close?

According to 1234 numbers of production weekly, Stay close Entered production on February 15, 2021 in Manchester, UK. Filming lasted about six months and took place in the general northwest of Manchester and the United Kingdom. Star Richard Armitage apparently confirmed this in a February 18 tweet:

The production company behind the series, Red Productions, later posted a clapboard confirming that filming had officially started on February 18th.

Production has officially ended Stay close July 30, 2021 at.

When will Stay close Will it be released on Netflix?

Netflix announced in October 2021 that the series had some first-look photos and a poster of the series as it approached the global New Year’s Eve (December 1, 2021).

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