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When Lucy Dakas Thinking about how to follow her critically acclaimed 2018 solo album, Historian, He decided to move towards a fancy: Throughout 2019, the indie singer-songwriter is releasing a stand-alone digital single linked to official (and unofficial) holidays and seasonal events.

The series began with a fitting Valentine’s Day cover Edith PiafOf “Pink life“An extra, snatch”My mother and I.“Mother’s Day (as well as Dakas’s birthday) has come to be remembered, when simple country-folk tunes”Forever half mast“Independence Day is approaching. Halloween, Christmas and many more songs are coming later this year. Bruce Springsteen23rd September birthday.

Dacus’s label, Matador Records, gave him an unquenchable green light when he came up with the idea of ​​launching a holiday-themed single every few months. To tie the series together, each single cover has a picture of Ducas in the same pose, but wearing a jumpsuit of a different color. (Colors were chosen to suit each holiday.) At the end of the year, he planned to compile and release digital songs as a physical EP.

“I really love sharing music, but it helps break the expectations of what it shows,” Dakas says. “In practice, I’m really happy to be able to make music really slowly. People talk about slow smells এটি it makes me feel like I’m making slow music. It feels less stained, but still really meaningful.”

Dakas added that “My Mother and I” – a stunning song that examines how body and soul are separated in generations – falls specifically in this section. “It inspired a really intense conversation [me and my adoptive mother] An incident happened nearby that I did not expect from this project. “We caught up with Dakas to talk about the possibilities open by his innovative approach.

Spotify for Artists: Where did the idea for publishing music come from?

Lucy Ducas: I had these recordings sitting on my laptop, because we book studio time every few months. I like being in the studio, and it’s good to work on things that aren’t albums so we can play around. And we didn’t make the cover, or the song that made it Historian, Or maybe something that I thought might be a demo for the next record, but turned out to be their own thing.

I wanted to share them, but I didn’t really know why. I noticed the timeliness in the song. There’s a song I’ve written that’s about the New Year, and then there’s a song about America. I didn’t write it for this holiday, but we made this excuse. Fortunately, people aren’t questioning it, like, “This song doesn’t make sense with this holiday.” So far this is understandable.

I think it reflects an emotion in me to understand what is happening to me in the moment. I often write on holidays because those are really emotionally conflicting times. In all kinds of celebrations, who is there, who is not, and why? I go back to my room and write like an escape.

Which of these surprises or surprises have you encountered in the release process to date?

It’s almost unknowingly, I’ve determined this path for myself through this year, where every song has a theme. And either from interviewing, or from talking about songs with friends or a colleague or different people, these themes have spread throughout my life.

When “La VN Rose” came out, I thought a lot about love, and also about nostalgia because it’s a cover, and positivity and corniness. And then with “My Mom and I” I was constantly talking to people about their mother and their body relationship. I write so much – like, journals and personal essays in response to those things.

What are the creative benefits of publishing music in this way as an artist? How did you grow up doing yourself as a musician?

I think when I make an album, I think it’s this huge responsibility to say something very integral to who I am. I know this is something that will last forever, and this is the thing people will know about me. I want to be proud of it all my life.

But with all this [holiday] Songs like this – I could do an Easter song. I was working on one. It didn’t come together. I’m not doing it. It seems because I have complete control over the idea of ​​how it is being released, I feel more freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

I was anxious to release some songs at this time, because I thought people would get a weird impression of me if they could find my music through this song. But I don’t want to worry about it, because in a real sense, I would expect someone to listen to everything and have a positive idea about what I do, which is a big diversity.

From a realistic point of view, what are the advantages and disadvantages of expressing music in this way?

I want to say professionally that it satisfies a different part of my creativity. And another pro is I didn’t have to take the time this year. I am able to travel to these songs, and travel is my job. When I’m not traveling, I’m unemployed. So, it was good to have the fuel to light the fire to the show, which I like to do.

The downside … I don’t really have a touch of that reaction [the songs are] Getting. I think people overall appreciate this. I’m really lucky. “Forever Half Mast” comes like a country song; There is plenty of paddle steel. They might be, “Oh, yeah. I don’t like Lucy Dakas, she’s a country artist.” There’s a chance that people will come to my music and I usually miss the point of what I usually do, or what I feel is actually me, but I don’t know.

I think the difficulties may not be so important. There shouldn’t be too much difficulty when you’re sharing music at all.

Given where you’ve been in your career, where you’ve been in your creative headspace, you’re now halfway through the holiday song-publishing process, does it make sense for you to do this work as an artist?

Chronologically, I had my first record [2016’s] There is no burden, Which I made one day with friends. I never had a band. I hear it now, and I say, “Oh my God, my voice is so underdeveloped.” I think to myself I am pretending to be a singer, which is more cruel than I should be. I have a soft spot for it, and some of the songs in it are good. It would have been different if we had made that album today.

And with my work Historian Basically introducing myself to people with something that seemed to me to be really true, in terms of content, in a golden way. And I feel personal pride in that record. So now I think my next step is to break expectations again and make my fans eager to hear something next. This is great for major people with a larger palette for the next record.

We’re probably going to make a record soon. I have a bunch of songs. They are very scary [in terms of vulnerability], So I’m really happy that I feel more comfortable in the studio from making these holiday songs. My biggest job with the next record is to be emotional, to be comfortable saying these things, to share them.

The work we did around the studio – which didn’t seem to work because it wasn’t for the next record, it seemed fun – we actually learned a lot.

– Annie Jalesky

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