‘On My Block’ Spin-Off ‘Freeze’: Everything we know so far

Freeze – Photo: Netflix

Netflix has announced a new spin-off In my block Which is going to end in October 2021. We’ve got some extra insights into all the details and characters published by Netflix in the new series. Freeze.

In my block A brilliant example of Netflix’s comedy lineup in recent years. The show first debuted on Netflix in March 2018 and is now going on its fourth and final season on Netflix.

But before the final season, Netflix announced that by the end of the flagship series, we would be back in the city of the fictional LA Freeze with a new spin-off.

My block spin off the freezer

In my block – pictures; Netflix

Who is involved in the freezer?

The whole team is returning to new production In my block Spin off

Serving as executive producers and co-producers are Lauren Lungarich (who signed a coveted overall deal with Netflix last year) and Jamie Duner. Both are currently working hard on their next Netlfix project Boo, Beach The title is Lana Condor.

The main casting team (which also has co-producer and executive producer credits) is Jamie Weshiro, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Huff.

The three made a statement alongside Netflix’s announcement:

“Some of the best comments we’ve heard about my block came from our fans that they have seen and represented. As we begin the more women-driven program Fridges, we will continue to invest in authentic characters representing our enthusiastic audience.

Show Runners for Freeze Netflix

Show-runners for On My Block Spin-Off Freeze

Eddie thanked fans on Twitter In my block To get them a spin off Saying:

“It wouldn’t have happened without the support of our amazing On My Block fans. We love you !!! And thanks to Netflix for continuing to give us a platform to tell our stories !!! ”

Which characters will be in the freezer on Netflix?

As part of Netflix’s announcement, they announced that four new cast members would be heading to a new spin-off.

Although their names may change, here are four main characters that we would like to see featured Freeze.

  • Cameron The new series will be led by a BIPOC who has not dated any girls because he was afraid of them. She did, however, date many boys. She was raised by her co-dependent divorced parents who still speak.
  • Demi An Asian is described as a regular character, described as a second-generation Asian-American who is an optimist and a social worker. Demi is a hard core romantic but doesn’t match anyone with her energy level.
  • Gloria A Latino / Hispanic character who has been described as a “crew secret glue” and highly driven person.
  • Inis She is a member of the Latino / Hispanic community and Gloria’s younger sister but very smart that she had to drop a grade in school.

On October 8, Netflix announced four major cast members (it’s not clear how they will match the above – we’ll update as soon as we know!)

  • Brianna Salad (as seen on Netflix Malibu rescued And Team Kylie)
  • Kyla Monteroso Mejia (as seen Launchpad And 90 day plan)
  • Ciara Riley Wilson (as seen LA’s best And Kim is possible)
  • Shiva pie (as seen Uncut gems & Iron fist)
Cast for on my block spinoff fries

Cast for Netflix’s Freeridge

It is unclear whether any of the original cast will appear in any kind of cameo.

When will the freezer come into production?

This is where things get complicated, because it’s a planted spin-off, we believe that some of the filming has already happened because we can expect the spin-off pilot to happen in 4 seasons. In my block. Our first look confirms this. We expect the back door pilot Freeze Inside In my block season you 4.

All American: Homecoming Season 3 of the series got an implanted spin-off that has now been greenlit in a full series. This is exactly how it will play In my block Obscure

Otherwise, we’ve been told more filming will begin later in the fall in Los Angeles.

You can now line up the series on your Netflix list so that you are notified when the series is released using this link.

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