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The stunning new Harmonious and Spaceship Earth light package is not the only new experience being offered at EPCOT this month.

On October 1, the San Angel Inn in the Mexico pavilion of the World Showcase premiered the “Adventure Regional Cuisine Mexico,” where new menu items from renowned Mexican chefs from different regions of the country will be offered quarterly.

Our park reporter, Chrissy, attended a preview of this event at La Hacienda restaurant, hosted by the neighborhood’s culinary master, chef Federico Lopez, and then tasted some of the food after the official debut.

For this quarter, the event aims to focus on the state of Quintana Roo, in southern Mexico; and, according to Chrissy, Chef Lopez wants to present a menu that showcases Mayan culture with traditional Mayan ingredients, but in a way that would appeal to park guests. Therefore, their menu was a “modern presentation of very old dishes, made in the right way.”

The San Angel Inn appears on the menu as “A Culinary Journey to the State of Quintana Roo with a 3-course Fixed Menu” and is priced at $ 69.00 + $ 20.00 for drinks. Here is a preview of what guests can enjoy.

Cochinita sails – Slow-grilled Achiote marinated pork on fried dough with beans and Habanero sauce. This is a dish about anchovies and dough, it’s a tasty way to start the meal. Pairing drinks for this is a beer that tastes like Bloody Mary (Red eye in Tulum – Cerveza Tulum Craft Lager, served with Michelada Homemade Mix, a touch of Habanero hot sauce, with chili salt from Chile).

TIC-IN-XIC – The grated bass marinated with Achiote in the pan is served with bananas, rice and bean puree and topped with avocado. The fish tastes so buttery and the avocado mousse is light and spicy. This dish combines the Mayan elixir (white sentinel tequila, dragon fruit puree, fresh lime juice, Huana Guanabana rum liqueur and black currant liqueur, with black and salty edge). The color of the drink is stunning and it is a wonderful sweet and spicy flavor to combine perfectly with the buttery fish.

Sweet Papaya – Caramelized papaya with cinnamon, Gouda cheese and corn ice cream. This dish is where you won’t want to look at what’s there until you’ve tried it. The dish is a labor of love that requires work and patience to get the unripe papaya to pass to the candied stage. Adding Gouda cheese to it seems like a weird idea, but it’s delicious. Corn ice cream is one of our favorite desserts in San Angel, and it also fits perfectly. The papaya has a short chewable and wonderful. This dish works incredibly well together. The paired drink is the Carajillo (Cafka, Cold Brew Coffee, Ancho Reyes and Nixta Corn Liqueur). Cold beer and liquor? A perfect dessert cocktail.

Experience Quintana Roo with this wonderful pairing of regionally inspired drinks: $ 20.00

  • Red eye in Tulum – Cerveza Tulum Craft Lager, served with Michelada Homemade Mix, a touch of Havana hot sauce, with chili salt from Chile (contains soy and seafood)
  • Mayan elixir – Tequila Sentinel Blanco, Dragon Fruit Puree, fresh lime juice, Huana Guanabana rum liqueur and black currant liqueur, with black border and salt
  • Carajillo – Cafka, Cold Brew Coffee, Ancho Reyes and Nixta Corn Liqueur.

Achiote was “the guest” of Chef Lopez’s menu design. During the presentation, the consistency of a paste was conveyed for the participants to smell and taste. He talked about the differences between a real and good crushed achiote on stones that women are still gifted for weddings compared to what you can buy that contains food coloring, chewing gum paste, flour and other foreign ingredients.

He also spoke strongly about sustainability, saying that each dish should translate well into a busy theme park kitchen, but that it does not contribute to overfishing of certain fish species or the use of other proteins (such as beef) simply because they are plentiful rather than authentic. .

In fact, part of the reason they don’t use grouper in Cancun is that they are not able to find a source that allows them to get the fish in a responsible and sustainable way. Therefore, instead of using the traditional grouper that is greasy on its own, they use Pacific striped fats as they can produce jobs in local fishing, recreating the same buttery texture of the grouper with a drizzle of olive oil. fruity olive.

An example of how Chef Lopez wanted to keep the menu recognizable but true to his vision was the use of white rice instead of the red that is often seen with Americanized Mexican food. He wants it to look like what people expect, but to have flavors and combinations that surprise people.

The fried dough in the appetizer was delicate and smooth and was also part of the cultural experience, as corn or corn are an integral part of Mayan culture and its ancient beliefs.

For this event, it was announced that it is of the utmost importance that the chefs of each quarter are the best in their respective regions of Mexico and that the food in the EPCOT Mexico pavilion is related to what is offered. . The park also wanted its own chefs at EPCOT to be trained and influenced by these regional experts.

Overall, if you want a true taste of Mexican flavors, this is a perfect meal that offers authenticity and delicious flavors.

Want to book the adventure of Mexican regional cuisine at the San Angel Inn? Let us know what you think of this menu in the comments.

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