‘Ridley Jones’ Season 2 sets the November 2021 Netflix release date

Ridley Jones – Photo: Netflix / Brown Bag Films

Worldwide Netflix release date Ridley Jones Season 2 is scheduled for November 2, 2021.

Added to Netflix worldwide on July 1, 2021, the series is one of many being produced by Chris Nee who has a comprehensive overall deal with Netflix. Brown Bag Films is the studio behind the series who are preparing The world of action 15 October for release.

Chris Neo, known for Doc McStuffin, is also working Ada Twist, scientist Season 2, Spirit Rangers, And Dino Day Care.

From Ridley JonesDebuting on Netflix, it appeared on the US Top 10 TV series list for 4 days before being dropped. The top 10 list of kids went online after the debut Ridley Jones Although it is going to spend 13 days in the top 10 list in the US and 17 days in the UK.

The series is one of the Kids series trials by adding full episodes to YouTube to generate significant interest. The first episode garnered 20 million views on YouTube and the second full episode received 637,000 views at the time of its release.

Of ason tu2 Ridley Jones September0 was first confirmed for release in November 2021. Since then, it has been announced that Season 2 will hit Netflix worldwide on November 2, 2021.

Whether it will be a season Ridley Jones Unknown but the series was probably ordered in advance of an episode, it is highly possible.

Brown Bag Labs posted on its blog announcing the new season you are teasing “Action-Packed” Season 2 and providing the first screenshot of Season 2.

Ridley Jones Season 2 screenshot

Photo: Brown Bag Films

Are you excited for the 2nd season? Ridley Jones? Let us know in the comments below.

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