Disney’s new gems will make you want to sleep with the lights on

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Over the years, we’ve seen Disney create some scary things.

Mr. Toad’s wild ride continues to scare guests at Disneyland.

The alien alien encounter at Magic Kingdom was a nightmare and Mr. Toad’s wild journey still makes children cry at Disneyland to this day. And Disney movies like The black cauldron, don’t look under the bed, i Mr. Boogedy they are definitely “made” for us … even as adults. But today we have something new to add to our growing list of not-so-irrational Disney fears: some new jewelry in the Disney store.

Confused? Just wait to see the pictures. These CRISLU Evil Queen earrings it may seem harmless, but when you take a second look, there almost seems to be a face inside the diamond. A really scary face.

© Disney

You see it? The creepy pointed eyes and sharp mouth that just screams, “An evil one who will try to poison you?” If you don’t, consider yourself lucky … because we’ll never be able to see him.

© Disney

If you really want these earrings to chase your nightmares, you can buy them for $ 125 Enjoy your demon jewels.

Click here to buy the evil queen’s earrings.

And it’s also terrifying, but for a completely different reason, the whole Ursula earrings by CRISLU. The problem with these is that we don’t see any faces in it and somehow it’s just as scary!

© Disney

Listen to us: Disney characters (even the bad ones!) Are meant to have faces. Marine witches are destined to have faces. To imagine Ursula chasing us across the ocean is already spooky enough, but take out her FACE and it gets ten times worse. Now all you can hear is his damn laugh … but he has no idea where he comes from because he has no mouth.

© Disney

If this idea doesn’t make you want to avoid all bodies of water for the next six months, congratulations, you’re brave enough to own these earrings. (But you still have to unwind the file $ 125 you have to buy them!)

Click here to buy Ursula earrings.

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