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There may be a mistake in the continuous space-time, but now there are some good-priced ones in the confectionery on the main street of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

After a hiatus of several months of rehabilitation, the confectionery recently reopened with a new feature: a giant wall of “Color Kitchen” that offers almost the entire palette of shades M & Ms, ready for customers to create the your own bulk color mix. Massive M&Ms are popular with people who want a festive favor or display to celebrate a school-themed, team, or wedding theme.

Candy display at Main Street Confectionery

The walls of this type of screen are nothing new: there is one similar to the dedicated M & Ms store in Disney Springs.

Candy display at M & Ms Store Disney Springs

The interesting part of the confectionery screen is the price: $ 12.99 per pound.

Pastry price

Take a look at the price of the M&M store in the photo above: $ 15.98 a pound.

The price of all items is usually uniform throughout Walt Disney World, so this is a real problem in the matrix. The same items cost $ 17.99 per pound (plus shipping) on ​​the official M&M website. I also checked several bulk candy distributors online and couldn’t find a price below $ 13.30 (plus shipping).

Viously, obviously, no one will buy a ticket to the theme park for more than $ 120 just to save some money on party candy. But if you have an annual WDW subscriber planning a big event, the place to save on larger amounts of M&M is right there in the Magic Kingdom.

Would you make good use of this deal? Let us know in the comments.

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