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Spotify’s Fresh find Playlist brands are often the first level of spotty playlists for independent artists. With a major flagship playlist, a list of nine genres and 14 playlist regions around the world, it has served as a launchpad for countless artists who have reached widespread success. In May, we took it to the next level, launching one Brand new marketing program For independent artists Centered around Fresh find. Our focus was to provide developing artists with the tools to learn, collaborate and grow for long-term, sustainable career success.

The first four artist partners since joining the inaugural Fresh Finds class in May 2021 –Wallis, Unusual dement, Julia Wolf, And Ecstasy-Spatiify has seen an average increase of 50% among followers, an average increase of 65% of monthly listeners and more than 6 million discovery or first time viewers. Now, following in the footsteps of the inaugural group of Fresh Finds artists, we welcome four new up-and-comers to the program: DOS, Intervention, Toledo, And Pom Pom Squad.

“We are thrilled to welcome this new team of independent artists and producers into the Fresh Finds family,” he said. Jeff Stempack, Head of the Indies, artists and label partnerships at Spotify. “The steady growth we’ve seen since our first Fresh Finds class earlier this year is exactly what we hope to strengthen in this program প্রদান providing artists with the tools to build long-term careers in and out of Spotify.”

DOS, Araya, Toledo, And Pom Pom Squad Will have access to opportunities and resources that will allow them to reach their careers, fan base and reach. Some of these include:

  • Education and access to resources: Each artist will have access to personalized masterclasses and mentorship, best practice and credit for spotting for artists Marquee, And more.
  • Marketing support: All four artists will appear in a major marketing campaign এবং and off-platform including a social content series, Spotify clips, outdoor advertising, and more.
  • Creative collaboration: Each artist will be given the opportunity to create a Spotify singles original song And record it Electric Lady Studio In New York City for release in November. What’s more, Spotify’s lyrics and publications Notable The team has paired four artists with collaborators who understand each of their unique perspectives:
    • Toledo will be associated with the producer Gabe wax.
    • Pom Pom Squad will be associated with the producer Sarah Tudzin (Aka Illuminati Hotties).
    • Aria will team up with the producer Mindchatter.
    • DOS will be paired with the lyricist / vocalist Cecilia Golt.

And while these artists are “fresh”, they are already honoring their skills year after year. Get to know them below.


New York City-based twins and BFFs Jordan RightPeel And Daniel Alvarez of Toledo Their latest EP has released, Love jockey, Earlier this year. It’s a dreamy pop soundtrack for that long drive when the whole world seems to be in tune with you and your thoughts seem memorable because of it. The duo’s emotional clarity, adventure and lyric maturity are pervasive throughout all of their music, including a handful of singles and their 2019 EP, Hotstaff. “We’ve seen videos and interviews of many other producers and artists with the advice we’ve received,” the two shared. “One of our favorite videos to revisit is the ‘created’ video Feast Album Reminder. In that video, he recorded Pepper Gonzalez La Freight in France, and guitar amps, have shots of his tracking voice by recording sound from the outside, and to this day we use almost every method we see in that video. The way they recorded and worked on the songs seemed very emotional and we often try to capture that emotion. So, although Fist and Chile Gonzalez have no idea who we are, we thank them for giving us the best advice of our careers.


Araya strikes with accuracy and heart to her recent affair Y2K-Once produced, “Archan, “And his upcoming album, Athos, Which will be released in early 2022, less than a year after the Thai-Chilean lyricist’s breakout debut and has been critically acclaimed. Atlas. “The best part of my music advice came from my producer Thaddeus,” said Arya. “He told me that as an artist, it’s important to remember to live life, to keep my feet out of the workplace and to continue to be inspired.” For example, Arya engages in purpose, identity, and spirituality through her music because she blends old and future words into a combination of R&B, soul, hip-hop, and electronic.


Growing up in Texas and based in New York, DOS first appeared in 2014 with its EP DOS, Which in equal part reveals the humorous majority in the early 2000s with sincerity and humor. Fast forward this year. It’s been a full seven years since Sadh’s favorite self-titled debut. Followed his tour with Porter Robinson And late Sophie, She returns with an Impressionist Dance EP, 4 new hit songs, The reflection of a dream of that past night – equal part ennui and exuberance. I come from a collaborative background, “he shared.” I’m thrilled to be able to reconnect with that structure and practice – explore new ideas and ways to work with someone otherwise I might not have the opportunity to meet. “

Pom Pom Squad

Mine Berin After moving to New York, he played as the first Pom Pom Squad in 2015, where he eventually joined. Shelby Keller (Drums), Large Ale Figman (Shaft), and Alex Wednesday (Guitar). “My mother once told me,‘ Wherever you want to take, you have to make yourself, ’Mia said For the record. “When I first move to New York, I try to blend in with some social scene or cycle and always feel like I’m compromising my own desires, needs or interests. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far in my career is that I have to make my own way. It sounds cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason! “So with their 2021 album, Death of a cheerleader, Pom Pom Squad is a cathartic, punk, and ne ly no doubt strangely fragmented piece by piece – from heartbreak, from injustice – and offers to recreate itself.

Take a look at the four Fresh Finds artists in the Titular Spotify playlist below.

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