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In his short career, Louisiana-Breed / Portland-based singer / songwriter Kyle Craft South-smoked, glossy-spotted, hooky-tank rock has created a signature style that compares a lot to the great Dylan, Bowie, And Exile-Age Stone. And where many young musicians try to distance themselves from their obvious influence, the 30-year-old Kraft openly acknowledges his old school relationship.

“I grew up in a small town where no one really shows me what’s great,” Craft told Spotify for Artists. “It was weird to hear something like Bowie like myself and it felt like it was mine. I think that’s why I sucked so much for music from the 60’s and 70’s – when I first heard Dylan, I heard him as if he was my age, though. He was probably in his 50’s. I heard him as a contemporary, not some throwback thing. “

More than a special word, what Kraft inevitably shares with his classic-rock ancestors is his belief in strict quality control. Although he is a very prolific writer, he limits his output to risky, economic records that would have happily fit on one side of a Maxel XL-2 cassette tape the day before. In 2018, Kraft began work on sub-pop on his third album, Showbot honey, With about 20 new songs that he imagined “Patty Smith And Leon Russell Scuffle “Eventually they turned into a more orderly 45-minute collection, which he jumped to complete before leaving for the tour.

But Showbot honey The craft that was released last month is not the same record that he and his backing band (who took the name of the new album as their official handle) finished last year. After giving the original version of the Ol ‘Car-Stereo Test record during the trip, Kraft came to the painful realization that he was deeply dissatisfied with the results. Instead of swallowing his pride and moving forward with the planned release, he cut the album in half, hid himself in his home studio, and now wrote a new song that is now part of the early showbiz loss. Given that additions include standout tracks Rundgren-SQ piano strut “Blackhole / Joyride“And Swashbling Centerpiece Ballad”Deathwish Blue, ”Kraft’s return to the drawing board was a success. Here, he explains how he had to make a mistake before it got right.

Spotify for Artists: How did this album initially take shape?

Kyle Craft: I am constantly trying to write, almost to my own detriment. When other people are talking about releasing something we’ve recorded, I’ll be like, “Hey, I’ve got another new album to record!” I try to churn as much as possible. There was a huge number of songs to choose from – we had about 20 of that and started adding other things and seeing where it goes, and then I would bring that band and say, “What do you think about this?” In the past, I tried not to limit myself – I would write until I felt like it was over. But it could easily turn into, “Well, here’s another six-minute song!”

At what point did you realize there was something wrong with the album?

I was in the studio straight from two in the afternoon to three in the morning for two months, trying to fix it, and in the morning we finished the first version of that record we were going to travel. Then, as we listened to it during that tour, I kept thinking, “Ahhh, I don’t know if that’s it.” I just had a gut feeling. And when I got back, I was like, “It’s not really.” The whole band waved a terrible wave at them – like, oh my God, I thought we’d come down the hill, and then I said, “I forgot my backpack at the top, I think I had to go back.” Shhhiiittt! ”

What bothered you about the album?

The songs that were discarded to me just seemed isolated … there was one where people would immediately say, “Oh, this is a glam song.” Which is ridiculous, because we get a lot of that word, and to me, the glam thing always looks more than a word, so I’ve never been attached to that label; I just call it the rock ‘n’ roll. And then there was a backwood down-home tune, and so it seemed: this glam song here, next to this weird rock ‘n’ roll song, next to this country tune এটি it didn’t feel united to me.

How did you feel when you realized you had to catch another crack in it?

It sucked! I didn’t want to do that. Honestly, when I came out of town for that tour, I felt like trying to finish this album almost killed me. Because it was a lot of alcohol and a little sleep. My body was on it, and I was afraid to go back into it. But the next go-round happened very quickly. I wrote a new half of the record, e.g., two weeks-Oh! Lucky hand, “”2 ugly 4 NY, “” Blackhole / Joyride, “”Needle bed # 2, “And” Deathwish Blue. “I was trying to get home to get points through more refined songs over time. The songs that ended were in about six minutes. So it changed from something like a 45 minute record to a 37 minute record. It’s definitely our shortest record, but I think it also has the most points.It has more focus on me.

Did this experience help you re-evaluate your previous records?

I can’t say when I last heard it [2016’s] Hill dolls Or [2018’s] Full circle two night dream. It always scares me to do it. We’re not one of those bands that plays the songs exactly the way they sound on the record. And many times, live versions are good for us. I remember listening back [the Dolls of Highland track] “The eyes of a hurricane” aren’t too long ago, and it’s like, “Holy shit, it’s so slow, and sounds so weird to me!” When I first got the master for that record, I was like, “That’s perfect!” And now I’m like, “Oh my god, I hope we can re-record this whole album and make it even better!”

– Stuart Berman

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