1971 Walt Disney World Resort Class: Meet Chuck Milam

We continue our ongoing celebration of the 1971 Walt Disney World Resort Class recognizing Chuck Milam. Chuck has been a cast member at Walt Disney World Resort for over 50 years, beginning in July 1971, and currently works at Procurement Services, helping bring the resort’s attractions, attractions and shows to life.

Chuck’s role began even before Walt Disney World Resort opened. “My first job in the warehouse was to transport gypsum boards through the tunnels of the Magic Kingdom, because at first it was just iron. There were no rooms, I could see one end at the other, ”said Chuck.

During the early days of his career, Chuck tells us that he had a front row seat on how the complex grew and affected the expansion of central Florida. “There were a lot of citrus forests and cow pastures as it was a rural community. As the company grows, [so do the] diverse communities with a great diversity of people who form all the members of the cast “.

Chuck finally went from working at Cinderella Castle to his current role of keeping the complex running smoothly. Whether it’s helping to supply hand sanitizer stations to different Resort locations or sending special wheels to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction in Magic Kingdom Park, Chuck offers the Magic!

Chuck Milam

When asked about the opening day in 1971, Chuck recalled the time he appeared on the cover of LIFE magazine. “The opening day was quite crowded for most people in the parks, but in the areas behind the scenes (where I worked) it was like a normal day. When the time finally came for the magazine’s photo “LIFE, they brought 1,500 members of the cast from different areas of the parks and told us where we would stand. I’m one of the many members of the target cast that are in front of the castle.”

While Chuck continues to work at Procurement Services, his 50 years working at Walt Disney World are something he is immensely proud of; working alongside some of the best cast members, talent, dedication and commitment to excellence are recognized by both the cast and guests.

“I have enjoyed working here for 50 years and with the thousands of cast members I have come across during this time; [that] it’s really what makes this place magical. It is a great honor to have had such an emotional and physical connection with so many talented people. I’ve learned that people will forget what he said and people will forget what he did, but people will never forget how he made you feel. ”


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