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Disney is known for its world-class guest service. Your main mission is to help all the guests to have a magical time. Some of your guests need a little more dust to get the magic going. The Disability Access System (DAS) is how Disney can help.

What is the access service for the disabled? (DAS)

The DAS allows guests who are not able to tolerate a traditional queue to expect attraction in a more comfortable environment.

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Who meets the requirements to obtain a DAS?

The DAS is designed for people with disabilities who are not fully wheelchair assisted. Disney has recently tightened its policy and may have previously granted you an exception that now does not meet the requirements.

How do you register for DAS?

There are now two ways to register with DAS. You can visit guest services in person or register virtually before your visit using the new DAS Advance program.

For this article we focus on the face-to-face system. (We will cover the DAS Advance program in a future blog post.)

Visit Customer Services at any park and let them know you need a DAS. This can be done in the windows before entering, in the Customer Service location within the parks or in any of the Blue Guest Experience Team umbrellas in the parks.

  • The guest service delivery member will ask you a series of questions. They will need to understand how a DAS will benefit the member of your party who needs it.
  • Do not bring a medical note. Disney cannot use them due to privacy laws.
  • Bring all members of your group with you.
  • They will take a photo of the guest to whom the pass is assigned, without the need to smile or pose.
  • Everyone in your group will have their MagicBands or park tickets (the MagicMobile card or code on their phone) linked to the DAS.
  • You will be asked to sign the policy statement on a tablet.
  • The DAS is good for 60 days and then you will need to renew it.

How does DAS work?

  • Starting October 19, 2021, there will be a virtual option that will allow you to select a return time on your phone using the My Disney Experience app.
  • If you don’t have a smartphone or if your cell phone’s battery runs out, there are two ways to get a return time in person. Visit the promenade entrance and look for the cast member near an alternate entrance sign or a cast member near the entrance with a tablet or a large cell phone, Or you can also look for an umbrella from the Blue Guest Experience team and ask for an hour back.
  • The cast member will scan your MagicBand, your ticket, or your phone.
  • The return time will be 10 minutes shorter than the published timeout
  • The DAS return time will appear on your my Disney Experience app in your plans.
  • When it’s time for the DAS Pass, simply stand in line at Ligtning Lane and have the guest with DAS go first.
  • The scanner light will be blue at first. The cast member will have to see that the correct guest is there, then the scanner light turns green and you are ready.
  • You can only have one return time at a time. As soon as you use one, you can make another. The return time is not the same as a DAS Advance selection. You may have two selections and a return time at the same time.

Tips for the DAS Pass

  • You have a My Disney Experience account with all of your travel groups connected before you leave. It is also very useful to download the application.
  • The guest to whom the DAS is assigned must always travel.
  • Anyone in your family (or a travel group) can make the return time; not everyone needs to be there, not even the guest with the DAS.
  • There is no end time of the return time, so you can’t miss it even if you go to bed to sleep in the room.
  • If you use DAS Advance and secure two DAS Advance selections a day, you can use them with return times. Link to the advanced DAS article.
  • If the attraction you want to ride has a virtual queue, you still need to have a boarding pass, then the DAS will give you access to the alternate ticket after calling your boarding time.

With the addition of Genie + and DAS Advance, there’s a lot to learn, but if the change is too overwhelming, the DAS system you know remains the same.

Amy Schinner is a lifelong Disney fan, a mother and advocate for people with special needs. She loves spinning in tea cups, screaming up Mount Everest and exploring everything with her family. Their joy is to help families vacation and create memories together because everyone deserves a little dust. Visit it at www.mouseearsforeveryone.com on Twitter @amy_schinner or Facebook.

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