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In an age of viral emotion, when a song’s popularity and artist’s profile can skyrocket overnight and burn just as fast, one of the most fascinating aspects of it Lizo His firmness. He is a grafter. The Detroit-born, Houston-raised artist dropped his debut album Lisobangerj In 2013, a violent, outspoken collection that survives to its title, demonstrates Lizo’s ability to spit sharp bars on a violent clip. He spent most of his 20s immersing himself in the lively DIY music scene in Minneapolis, which included collaborations with local artists. Prince (He has given voice to a song Plectrumelectrum), Publishing his second record Large Grrrl Small Earth In 2015.

With each passing year, each high profile sync (Broad City, unsafe), And support tour (Hyme, Florence and machines), Lizo is delighted to see the journey of finding strength in her voice – both literally and figuratively. In her personal life she struggled with self-acceptance problems, adding to her positivity and weakness in songs like “My Skin,”Juice, “And its recently Platinum Certified Clapback Music”The status quo is harsh. Nowadays he can be found Delights Ellen de Genres With its high power fluting, or thrilling Rihanna With his recent twerk-tastic performance at the BET Awards.

On a sunny day last May, Lizo blew air on the set in New York, her ever-present flute Sasha with a sharp manicure in hand. Her schedule was full of press promises, followed by a headline in the evening – one of many tour dates in support of her recently released third album. Cuz I love you. It turns out that the best advice Lizo has ever received is directly related to these four years of creation, which came from her childhood hero (and now collaborator), Miss Elliott. Check out this latest episode of the best advice above and watch the rest of the series with likes Mary J. Bliss, Christina Aguilar, And Cindy LauperHere.

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