Coldplay Challenges Fans to a Global Scavenger Hunt – and shares songs from their upcoming album Out of This Universe – Spotify

This week, Deception Fans have faced mysteries outside of this world. Digital billboards appeared in various cities around the world, flashing with messages in an alien language that only the most dedicated listeners could decode. And online, social media was in speculation.

Eventually, after the expert was killed, the fans cracked the case. The billboard symbols were actually songs from the group’s ninth album, Sphere song, Which will begin tomorrow, October 15th.

Spotify has partnered with Coldplay on Earth Adventures, adding a week-long Mether Hunt to listeners around the world to find billboard sites. Clues on social media and Spotify take fans to the next level. Also, the cryptographic display on the billboard contains a hidden Spotify code that leads participants to scan. Sphere song Playlist (available no matter what galaxy you are in).

The album marks another exciting chapter in the launch group’s 21-year hit-making milestones. Coldplay has accumulated over 16.7 billion all-time streams, so we looked at our Spotify streaming data to see their impact.

Although each of their albums is iconic, their top five streams are:

      1. The head of the dream is full Finished 2.4 billion Flow
      2. Blood on the head Finished 2.1 billion Flow
      3. Ghost stories Finished 2 billion Flow
      4. Parachute Finished 1.7 billion Flow
      5. Milo Xyloto Finished 1.5 billion Flow

Eight studio albums are already under their belts, as well as an impressive catalog of artists ’tracks. The top five tracks that flow the most are:

      1. Something just like this“(With The Chainsmokers) More than 1.5 billion Flow
      2. Scientist“With more than that 1 billion Flow
      3. Yellow“More with 940 million Flow
      4. Live life“With more than that 930 million Flow
      5. Be yourself“With more than that 850 million Flow

And its release Sphere song Will probably be added to these numbers. Meanwhile, a collaboration with the first single, K-Pop Sensation BTS Is called “My world, ”Has attracted new fans and excited longtime followers. The track has helped launch a global meth hunting expedition through a spotlight Canvas– A short looping video with the track – which reveals the formula to help find the first billboard.

For fans who follow on social media, however, the first alien message has come straight Deception.

On Sunday, October 10, the group sent the first hint to fans around the world. Symbols, spheres and coordinates have been teased for Monday’s adventure.

Then, in the UK, Londoners first saw the billboard – then quickly saw it in Moscow, Russia.

In London, fans learned the songs of “Airful”. While in Moscow, Coldplay communicated and shared “mankind”.

Around the world, in the United States, an unidentified floating billboard was spotted Tuesday in Los Angeles, California. There,
Selena Gomez Fans had an exciting surprise – an upcoming collaboration with Coldplay on “Late Somebody Go”.

The final scary scene took place today in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where residents found aliens within themselves. The song “Human” came courtesy of a flying saucer.

The other was in Johannesburg, South Africa, where a billboard played the last words from outer space: “Man of pride.”

Coldplay comes in peace. Start and stream your intergalactic adventures Sphere song Playlist now. Then, let’s release the new, Sphere song, October 15 takes you to another universe.

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