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One of the values ​​that Javier Rossy brings to his role as an attraction owner at EPCOT is to treat others with kindness and compassion, something he has done for 29 years. Throughout his life, he has met many people and cultures that shaped this value system and each day he shares the same lessons with his cast member family.

“I’m a big believer in making the world a better place,” he said. “It is important to be humble, listen with affectionate ears and understand with open eyes. I like to develop cast members and provide them with an environment where they feel empowered to take care of each other and our guests. ”

At age 15, Javier left his hometown of Puerto Rico to travel to Indiana and Louisiana, where he lived with several families through a high school exchange program. It may seem daunting to adopt new cultures and experiences as a teenager away from home, but Javier loved becoming a member of every family. In doing so, he learned the values ​​that helped define his own meaning as a family: to be kind, respectful, and trustworthy in both good times and challenging times.

Javier with his first Indiana exchange family

Javier remained on the mainland at the university and graduated in business administration from Northwestern University. There he met the Disney College program and began his career at Walt Disney World. He has a family of his own and passes on his values ​​of compassion and kindness to his own children. And, as a leader, he strives to create a positive environment for another important family in his life: the cast members he works with every day.

“My biggest learning through life is being there for people when it counts. I am always available for my team. I think that holidays and traditions are important, but what really counts are the moments you are there for your co-workers, family or friends, ”he said.

Javier Rossy

And recently, Javier expands his support to the HOLA Berg leadership team, where he offers mentoring opportunities to members of the Hispanic and Latin cast.

As this year’s Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month comes to an end, Javier’s story reminds us of the importance of inclusion and creating an environment where everyone can flourish. In this way, we can encourage all members of the cast to be their true selves every day.

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