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You have seen our excellent coverage of the spacecraft beacons and have decided that you need to see them for yourself. You have booked a trip for October because these lights only call you. And believe me, if you go to EPCOT to see the lights, you might go through some attractions while you’re there. All of this is very solid decision making.

But then … Disney announces that Genie + will be released on October 19th. And luckily, EPCOT is potentially the most confusing park to use Genie +. If you pick up the wrong reservation at the wrong time, you could walk miles around the walls of the building and between the new “neighborhoods” to try to follow what the Genie tells you. And even if you don’t use Genie +, your chances of getting a Remy boarding pass have decreased significantly because they will now be saved for those who purchase Individual Lightning Lane access. And you do Get a boarding pass, you don’t know when it will be called, so you won’t be able to plan your day effectively. Yay!

Don’t be afraid, we are here to give you some strategies to make the most of your EPCOT day (and night). One strategy will be to avoid using Genie +, which is usually a solid plan, as there are few attractions to offer. The other will try to help you use Genie + to save as much time as possible while visiting EPCOT. Neither of you will assume that you must purchase Lightning Lane Individual Access for Remy or Frozen Ever After. If you decide to do this, just skip these steps. These strategies are based on the crowd levels planned for week 19. Viouslybvialy, conditions may change, so use them as a guide, but use the Lines in Parks app for the most up-to-date suggestions and data possible. wait.

How can I go through EPCOT without Genie +?

My family wholeheartedly recommends a breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace on EPCOT Day. Extra tip: you can order as many tickets as you want at the fixed price (expensive).

Fun story, even if you don’t want to buy Genie +, and even if EPCOT doesn’t open until 10am, you still have to wake up before 7am to try and get a boarding pass for Remy. Isn’t it fun? If you are successful, celebrate with more sleep or a slow breakfast. And you only need to use this pass when your boarding group is called. We will not do this as a step in the strategy, because there is no way to know when you will be called. If you’re not successful, you don’t lose all hope – you can try again at 1 p.m.

Once you can enter the park, go directly to Test Track. This should work especially well if you have early entry. And it’s likely that the crowds will only back up later in the day as more people go or, in case the inclement weather comes in and the journey goes down. After Test Track, if you want to experience Mission: SPACE, go ahead and do it while you’re in the area.

A father and two daughters eating pastries in Les Halles at EPCOT
Pastry for lunch? You don’t care if we do.

After completing the “World Discovery” neighborhood, head to the World Showcase and line up for Frozen Ever After, followed by the Great Fiesta Tour. EPCOT usually has the slowest people climbing any park, so you should be able to perform these four steps before lunch. We encourage you to hang out at the World Showcase and experience a few things there until you’re hungry and then eat at one of the many good places on this “side” of EPCOT. It will continue to be the Food and Wine Festival (because when it is not already the Food and Wine Festival), so grabbing a bite from some stands is also a good option.

After lunch, you can wash your lunch with a visit to the Cool Club and then go to the Spaceship Earth queue, which will ideally have all the lines. If you did not get a boarding pass for Remy in the morning, please try again at 1 p.m. If you’re not successful again, that’s when you might consider accessing Lightning Lane Individual, if it’s still available. And then you can head to World Nature (I can’t get past those names) in the early afternoon. You can check the waiting times to see if you prefer to do the Land or the Seas first. But in general, we recommend starting with the Seas (the walk, the exhibits, and Turtle Talk with Crush). You can then head to the Land to mount Soarin ’and Living with the Land. Finally, take a little trip to the imagination with Figment when you return to the World Showcase.

If all goes well, you will still have it a lot of time to relax everyone before dinner and harmonious. Do a few shows, have dinner at the table if you want, or go re-assemble a couple of favorites. Pick up your seats for Harmonious a little early (a direct view of the large circle is better) and then as you go out, sit or stand in front of the Earth spacecraft for a while and watch it as eyelid. It will be the best part of the day.

How can I go through EPCOT with Genie +?

Test Track is not reliable, mainly due to the weather. It’s a great option to try to get a Genie + reservation.

If you read the strategy without Genie +, you will know that your day will go well without it. There is a lot strike there so that even if the waiting time is doubled, you will be able to get it all. The time-saving savings for almost everything with FastPass + were negligible on crowded days except Test Track and Frozen Ever After. But suppose you want to try Genie and avoid possible waits. Okay, you can do that.

You still have to wake up at 7 in the morning. And now you can try to do two things at once at 7 in the morning. I recommend trying to get a boarding group for Remy and then making the first Genie + reservation as quickly as possible. At 7, you should probably try an hour back from the test track, ideally around 10:30 or 11. Then, at 9 a.m., before you open the park, you can get another booking of Genie +. This time, try Soarin ‘. If you get these two reservations before the park opens, you’ve probably maximized the time-saving savings you’ll be able to get out of Genie + during the day.

When the park opens, your two Genie + reservations will allow you to drop the Frozen Ever After rope. You can then ride the Gran Fiesta Tour before heading towards the test track’s return time (hopefully). If this has not opened, go ahead and go through Mission: SPACE before entering the queue. At 11 a.m. (or when you access the test tracking queue), you’ll be able to do so another Reserve Genie +. You can try any of the second-tier “time-saving” attractions, whichever works best with your schedule. These would be the spaceship Earth, Journey to the Imagination or Living with the Earth. Yes, your selections are already scarce.

Now is a good time to examine some Food + Wine booths for lunch and downtime between attractions. After lunch, you can probably use the Soarin reservation and then experience Living with the Land (with or without a Genie + reservation). At 13:00 or when you enter Soarin ‘, you can get another reservation. This time I would test the spacecraft Earth. Then head to Seas to ride The Seas attraction, see the exhibits and experience Turtle Talk with Crush.

We hope you can use your Spaceship Earth reservation below. If not, spend some time in the imagination pavilion. After finishing The Neighborhoods formerly known as Future World, you can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening at The Neighborhood, still known as World Showcase. You’ll probably still be able to pick up more Genie + reservations, but they won’t do you any good at the World Showcase. If you feel like walking to the other side of the park to use them or reassembling other favorites, you could do so. If not, you have plenty of time to eat, drink and explore the entire lagoon before dinner and watch Harmonious.

Do you plan to be at EPCOT the week of October 19th? Do you have any idea whether or not to try Genie +? Let us know in the comments.

Good news: only one park left. I’m a pretty strict friend of two blogs a week, and these 5 posts in a row make my fingerprints disappear like a kind of person trying to circumvent the law. Tune back in tomorrow to see if I can get it through a writing for Animal Kingdom.

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