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As far as release formats go, ambitious full-length albums and catchy singles often get the most attention. For both the artist and the listener, the former satisfies a growing nostalgic love for a classic art form and the latter is less-promised and easy to use. But often the neglected extended game, or EP, falls somewhere in the middle. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) defines an EP as having three to five tracks or lasting less than 30 minutes; In the age of streaming, this definition can be a bit embarrassing, but typically, an EP is less than half an hour.

For music fans, this can be just perfect – sometimes what the listener wants, especially when they are exploring new words, is just a taste. “It’s like if someone tells you that you can get a big steak, or if someone is hanging out with it, like, appetite, and appetite is something like wagu beef,” said Rising R&B / Hip-Hop Star. Jesse Reyes Said on the phone from a video shoot. “It’s like if I tell you, ‘Okay, there’s really a dope steak made here, but there’s a waiter walking around with wagu beef that’s really concentrated and delicious.’ “They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.”

The ground of a successful proof

Hist Historically, one of the most common reasons artists choose EP as a release format is to put something between albums that they can’t spend as full length and that can be done relatively quickly. It puts them into current music conversations and gives them something new to sell and perform live.

While these are still great reasons to pull one off, artists are increasingly embracing EPT as worthy of artistic aspirations that match any full-length. If an LP can be compared to a novel, the EP is more than a short story – and any writer worth their salt will tell you that it’s hard to make a big impact in a difficult place and often more impressive. Remember last summer’s attack KanyeWimming session release? Each of them enters in less than 30 minutes.

Reyes has proven himself a professional in the EP industry over the past few years with two outstanding releases: 2017’s Baby And of 2018 Being human in public. Master class in both economics – every tune is compulsory, he establishes his voice as an artist and there is no time for it.

“I think at the moment we’re living in the moment, the idea of ​​long-term distraction is something old,” Reyes said. “I think in order to get someone’s full attention for a full album, you have to prove yourself almost first. There are legends that can do it – there are legends that can put out albums and the world stops and people sit and I think time is the most precious product to us … if someone loves you or is attached enough to sit with you For about an hour of their lives and walking through a story with you, I think it’s really a believable moment. And I think the first two EPs proved to me that I was capable of delivering that journey.

Learning curve

In addition to serving as a way to gain the trust of your audience, EPs allow you to learn on a small scale how to perform your work mercilessly. And that’s when the aspirant can pay dividends to deal with something. Reyes, who is currently reaching a full-length finish, noted, “There’s no place to put fat here. But the other side is that there’s no place to put fat on the album, if you’re smart about it.

Revealing an EP is obviously not the only way to pave the way for an LP, but it’s a way to make sure – backing you up with a lot of evidence – that you’re capable of throwing away something more ambitious. “I think the linear timeline of making two EPs and then the album helped me sharpen my pen,” Reyes said. “It has helped me sharpen my skills.”

More practically, as mentioned above, EPs take less time, money and resources to complete, which means you can track your music to the ear faster with the album. And once you get a release for promotion, it can lead to more shows, sales and access to donations, which will help you get everything you need অভিজ্ঞতা experience, resources, money করতে to create a full length. Or hey, you can choose to publish killer EPs throughout your long and distinguished career. As an artist you can create whatever you like.

Take it from Jesse Reyes, who sees his choice of a format among the many ways to exercise his creative freedom. “I’m not really worried about being in the box or being restrained by someone else’s expectations,” he says.

– Matt Williams

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