Netflix Fantasy Series ‘Raybearer’: What We Know So Far

Netflix has entered into an overall agreement with author and producer Gina Atwater to “create, produce and write new series and other projects, focusing on multi-genre prestige content that puts traditionally under-represented characters at the forefront and center.” The first project to come out of this deal is known as a YA Fantasy Riberian It will be based on Jordan Ifueko’s novel of the same name.

Atwater was part of the Writers’ Room for three seasons in the HBO series Westworld, Where he wrote the critically acclaimed episode “Riddle of the Sphinx” as his episodic debut. He was also part of the creative team that won multiple Emmy Awards for creating the world rules for Delores’ “world” for Westworld’s interactive media and fan engagement content. He has worked on such projects Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens And Mission Impossible: Rogue Race.

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Atwater commented on the Netflix collaboration:

“Joining the Netflix family is a special opportunity. I am grateful that I have been able to collaborate with an organization that shares my passion for following bold and innovative stories that give representative characters a place to shine in a place of dignity.

Matt Thunell, Netflix Vice President, overall agreement:

“Gina is three times as threatening as a writer, director and producer and we are thrilled to be working with her. His experience of working fearlessly, character-centered in complex fantasy worlds makes him the perfect writer for the world of Ribeiro.

The project comes from Sugar23 and Macro Television Studios. Here’s what we know about Netflix Riberian:

What’s the plot? Riberian?

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Author Jordan Ifueko is releasing his debut “Raybearer” on August 1, 2020, just two days before his 2nd birthday. (Photo credit: Tenicomo Photography / Cover courtesy of Abram)

As mentioned above, Netflix’s Riberian There will be a live-action adaptation of Jordan Ifueko’s YA novel of the same name, published in 2020.

A good preview of the story told here Riberian As seen in GoodReads:

There is nothing more important than obedience. But what if you swore to save him who was born to destroy?

Tarisai has always wanted the warmth of a family. She grew up isolated by a mysterious, often absent mother known only as The Lady. The lady sends him to the capital of the global empire of Aritasar, so that one of the 11 members of the Crown Prince Council, along with other children, can be elected. If he is picked, then he is Ray, a deeper bond than this blood. That closeness is irresistible to Tarisai, who has always wanted to be somewhere. But The Lady has other ideas, including a magical wish that compels Tarisai to obey: Kill the Crown Prince after believing. Tarisai won’t stand by and become someone’s hostage – but is she strong enough to choose a different path for herself? With extraordinary world-building and breathtaking prose, Raybearer is the story of loyalty, destiny and how much we want to go for the one we love.

Who is cast Riberian?

As of October 2021, Netflix Riberian Having no cast member has not reached any stage of its development.

What is the state of its production Riberian?

Deadline, until September 2021, Netflix Riberian It was in its early stages of development and production would not begin soon.

What is the Netflix release date for? Riberian?

Considering its current development stage, we would not expect Riberian Must be on Netflix before 2023.

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