Pin Trading is updating its 50th anniversary at Disney World

There are so many exciting new offers for the 50th anniversary at Disney World.

So many new and exciting things for the 50th anniversary!

We have special decorations, new fireworks shows and lots of delicious snacks. And now, a classic Disney activity gets an update in honor of the occasion.

Disney World announced it today from 15 October, new ways of trading pines in amusement parks and stations will be introduced. First, they introduce new Mickey-shaped pine boards in certain places.

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These boards work as usual, but with a new and fun design in honor of our favorite mouse. What a holiday!

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You can also experience the new mysterious trading boxes in various places. With these you will access the board and inform the cast member of the drawer you want to choose, labeled as 1-24. Then the cast member will open the drawer and present you with the mysterious pin in exchange for your pin.

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Both new deals are available in locations around the four parks, resorts and Disney Springs. To make them easier to find, they are marked on the resort’s guide maps.

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Also, look for special 50th anniversary pines that will be posted during the 18-month celebration. And if you’re interested, don’t forget to check out the upcoming virtual pine trading event: Disney Parks vs. Disney Heroes. Villains Digital Pin Experience.

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Click here for more information on the virtual pin trading event.

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