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At a time when it seems that many mistakes are waiting to be corrected, many socio-politically conscious artists are using their work and influence to support a cause. There are many organizations that need help, and questions about who needs help and how to help them have different answers for everyone.

You don’t have to make headlines by hobbies with heads of state (hey Sister!) Pink Floyd Guitarist David Gilmore, who auctioned off a collection of guitars and made 21.5 million to tackle climate change). Even if you’re an indie or underground artist, there are plenty of ways to help with the reasons you can take care of yourself.

Picture of Japanese breakfast by Joyce Jude

Japanese breakfast photo by Joyce Jude

Choose with your heart

Michelle Jauner, who works under Indie-Pop aka Japanese breakfast, Has begun by identifying a focus for its support: the American Civil Liberties Union. “At a time when our government seeks to undermine the basic human rights of vulnerable groups,” he said, “the ACLU plays a vital role in protecting those rights and preventing abuse of power.”

Zauner – whose second album, Soft sound from another planet, Came out on the Dead Ocean label in 2017, benefiting ACLU by releasing a pair of singles in partnership with The WW Hotel Chain: “Basically“And”At the highest peak, “The next is the explanation of the classic Japanese breakfast Tears for fear The melody soft paddle is a part of the sale from Japanese breakfast, as well as his sister unmarried, will assist in many missions of the ACLU.

Jauner acknowledges that there are many more fights for justice, and notes that when more people provide assistance, everyone benefits. “I think there are a lot of organizations that need our help right now,” Jaunar said. “It’s not hard to be overwhelmed and powerless. I think ACLU does a great job of educating and helping the public, protecting immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights. It’s hard to find a way to get your work involved in politics. An artist. I want to be more involved, and help other artists get together and help spread the word without just using our platform. “

An issue near home

The pair, known as Garlands, a combination of veteran Sonic Explorer David Garland and his son Kenji, began recording in response to a highly personal problem, but eventually found a way to expand the scope of their project.

David’s wife, Ann, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2018 and soon began a long series of tax radiation and chemo treatments. David became Annie’s primary caregiver at their home in Hudson Valley, New York, and Kenji came to help for a long time. Once Ann recovers from her above treatment, the father and son will create electro-acoustic music in the living room surrounded by aerial balms, both different worlds and organic for feeding David’s snared acoustic guitar through Kenji’s modular synthesizer.

As Garlands, they recorded the results and released an album Weakness (An anacronistic term for medicine) Online in CD and digital format. Under Ann’s direction, they take music healing objectives one step further by arranging all sales for the album. National Nurses United, An organization of registered nurses whose agenda includes Medicare for everyone! The movement did not stop there, either – the second part of it Weakness Just released.

Phantogram image of Floria Sigismondi

Phantogram image of Floria Sigismondi

Channeling grief to support mental health

Synth-friendly pair Phantogram There was also a family injury that led them to donate. The band’s singer and keyboardist Sarah Barthel lost her sister Becky to suicide in 2016. This eventually led to the song being composed by Barthel and his phantogram partner, Josh Carter. “Someday, “Which describes grief grief as disrespectful, sympathetic. Barthel and Carter covered a cover of the song.”Saturday“By phantogram effect SparklehorseWhose frontman Mark Lincoln took his own life in 2010.

In May, Phantogram released the tracks as a digital single, where streams and downloads benefited. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In addition, Barthel and Carter have created a topic to talk about from the stage and in their interviews about suicide prevention and mental-health awareness.

The crowd is getting bigger and bigger

Imagine a dragon Frontman Dan Reynolds started the annual LOVELOUD festival hosted by AT&T in 2017, with all proceeds going to LGBTQ reasons. Reynolds said, “Mormon grew up and had many friends who were Mormons and LGBTQs,” Reynolds said. Given that your most innate and unchangeable truth (towards love) is flawed in your community, it is not surprising that we see high suicide and depression rates among our LGBTQ youth, especially in the highly religious community. I want this to change. Bringing these communities together and talking about how we can be better, as well as raising as much money as possible to save the lives of local and national LGBTQ charities. “

Registered with HBO Film Believer, the festival has raised 1 million in its first two years for LGBTQ organizations such as GLAAD, The Trevor Project and Encircle. The 2019 rehearsal at the USANA Amphitheater in West Valley City, UT, included Reynolds’ presence, Hair, Tegan and Sara, Laura Jane Grace and devouring mothers, Martin Garrix, Group love, Who Fly, And others.

Pamela Litki's Tegan and the whole picture

Pamela Litki’s Tegan and the whole picture

Tegan Quinn mentions that a teenager coming out of their hometown may face a completely different level of acceptance than a well-known musician. “With the festival, we can’t just be the day of acceptance and celebration [that] Teenagers, ”said Tegan Quinn of Canada,“ but we also create a community that supports them in the long run and gives them the tools to discuss LGBTQ + issues and change their place of residence. “

Even before LOVELOUD, Tegan and his twins, Sarah, had already worked hard to support the LGBTQ + community. They were out of the beginning of their career more than 20 years ago and in 2016 they started Tegan and Sara Foundation. Through political activities as well as funding, the Foundation supports programs that bring about positive change for the LGBTQ + community.

You can start with a few of the groups described above, or look for others specific to the issues you think are most urgent. Brainstorm with other bands about how to launch a grassroots initiative, or determine profits from a particular gig, event, or release for a charity of your choice. To learn more about organizations seeking financial support, visit such sites Charitable Navigator And Charity Watch.

– Jim Allen

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