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Turing became an important part of many artists’ careers when it came to their careers. Once the gigs are booked, flights and stays are arranged, and fans are buying tickets, there’s nothing more to do than pack your bags and hit the road. Preparing for the trip becomes non-brainy for the experienced traveler, but going on a tour is a very different ball game. To gather some pro tips on what you need (and what you want), we checked in with five travel artists.Drug dealer, JPEGMAFIA, PiecesLeela Map of, Chelsea Wolf, And Faye Webster.

Picture of Chelsea Wolf by Johan Mandel

Picture of Chelsea Wolf by Johan Mandel

Bring the right thread

Everyone’s style is different, and when it comes to packing clothes, there’s no right way to do it – especially when you’re packing clothes to perform, hang out, sleep, and more. That said, there are some strategies to make sure you have all the gear you need when going on the road.

“I remember seeing it No doubtOf MTV House of Style The episode earlier in the day, ”said singer-guitarist Chelsea Wolf,“ and Gwen Stefani There were bags and cloth bags and she was throwing things around, making clothes, and I was, I am! Obviously not style-based, but I’m so moody with the way I dress that any night I like a lot of options. If you, too, can relate to Gwen’s sartorial spirit, Wolf suggests trying everything before packing it. “If I don’t like my feeling at the moment, alone in my room, I don’t want to wear it for a show,” she said.

Atlanta singer-songwriter Faye Webster advises against shortening your own clothing in the name of using your luggage space for other needs such as accessories. It’s best to pay for an extra bag at the airport, so that you can buy as many products – and as many clothes – as you feel comfortable with. “On my first few tours I’ll dedicate one side of my suitcase to the goods and one side to my clothes and it just limits you,” he said. “I finished the tour overnight with at least two boxes, which would cost as much as bringing another suitcase with me.”

But Brooklyn psychedelic rock band Crumb singer and guitarist Leela Ramani offers a very different (and practical) perspective. “Pack as light as you can because I brought a really big, spacious suitcase on our last trip and couldn’t open it where we were staying.” The Alt-Rocker drug dealer echoed his advice: “You can bring two different uniforms instead of the whole outfit. It’s better to have a lot less than you need.”

Painted by Selim Garcia

Painted by Selim Garcia

Be present in the comfort of your being

There is no better way to relax or keep yourself at home than to stimulate the senses with something familiar and pleasurable. To make the pieces, it is essential to pack incense or “a kind of fragrant aroma”. “Jesse [Brotter, bassist] Usually Nag brings champa, which we really appreciate because sometimes we get green chambers or airbnb that don’t smell good, ”Romney said. And she makes sure to keep her tastes fresh too: she swears by Gatorade Limon Pepino – her favorite drink on the street.

For the experimental rapper JPEGMFIA, the comfort achieved is as simple as packing a neck pillow. “I never thought I would want a neck pillow, but their neck pillows hit them differently on their long flight,” he jokes.

Alternatively, Chelsea Wolf has brought a tarot deck with him on each tour. “When I’m upset or conflicted with something, I’ll pull out a tarot card to give me some perspective and it always helps,” he said. “Sometimes it becomes a group issue when we hang out on the bus after a show and the whole band and crew or friends each pull out a card, then read the money aloud and we’ll talk about it.”

JPEGMAFIA Photo by Alec Merchant

JPEGMAFIA Photo by Alec Merchant

Bring your toys

Street life is literally street life, in the sense that it comes with large pockets of time below, especially if you travel from city to city in a van or bus. When you’re packing, consider how you usually like to spend your time outside of working on music. Some leisure activities that you enjoy that are easy to bring with you?

For drug dealers, it’s skateboarding. “[I must have] A skateboard [on the road with me] So I don’t go crazy all the time just thinking about music, and I can tour cities through a different lens, “he said. JPEGMAFIA packs his vape and his PS4.” Webster has to have his Nintendo Switch and loves to play Super Smash Bros. That said, the real reason he packed a switch was so he could watch the Atlanta Braves game: “They always start the game after the sound check, before I go. So, I’m always just watching [them] My switch in the green room. “Chelsea Wolf keeps it simple when packing leisure time:” Bring a good book to read. “

Drug dealer Richard Quintero

Drug dealer Richard Quintero

Plan ahead for your self-care needs
Being on tour can be enjoyable and fun, but it can also be a tiring experience that affects your body – if you want to succeed on stage, you are the most dependent. That’s why it’s important to think about packing things that will make you feel physically and mentally healthy.

According to JPEGMAFIA, learning to take care of her voice was her biggest tour lesson. “I was very raw on my first tour and I didn’t know what I was doing,” he says. For Romney, it is important to get enough sleep and remember to stay hydrated. The drug dealer’s remedy is something that he initially forgot to pack himself. “[I wish I had brought] A kettle for green house [the band and I] Everyone can take care of our precious little angel voice, ”he said.

Faye Webster Photo It Humans

Faye Webster Photo It Humans

Webster focuses on his breathing, and tries not to leave the house without a humidifier. “I didn’t have a humidifier on my last visit, and I think it makes a difference in the world between a hotel room and some green rooms,” he says. “I bought one on a Walmart tour and had to carry it on my lap to get on all the planes, but it’s so valuable.”

For Chelsea Wolf, mindfulness is the practice of choice. He suggested downloading a meditation app and making room for yourself on the tour, “even if it’s a little walk before the sound check. Otherwise you’ll start to get claustrophobic and feel like a caged animal – or maybe it’s just me. “Finding a way to spend some time for yourself so you can keep your mind about yourself,” he advises. “If you need some quiet time in the van, on the show, or if you share a room with someone out loud, they’re really good,” he said, packing discarded headphones.

All preparation aside, it’s important to remember that on tour, there are going to be some things you can’t prepare for. “The only way to prepare is to get ready to fuck,” says JPEGMFIA. “Everything else should be fine if you’re mentally prepared for it.” Ramani has similar words of wisdom: “Don’t forget to prepare yourself [in] So that some things get out of your control, and you just have to roll with it.

– Khalila Baro

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