What’s new in Magic Kingdom: a look at Cinderella Castle and the ghosts that will follow you home

Hello a Magic Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom

We like to visit Disney World parks often to see if anything new happens, so come with us as we see the novelties of Magic Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom build updates

Mickey’s PhilharMagic it is currently under construction until the new one Coco scenes are added!

What’s going on in there?

There are walls around the entrance to the attraction. It should reopen November 12, 2021.


A new banner It has been added to the great candy photo at Confectionery on the main street. Is called “Who is the sweetest of all?

We are here to find out!

New golden rails have been added around the Cinderella castle stage.

We rails

Now, let’s introduce goods.

Magic Kingdom merchandise updates

The Empori

We found the Lego Cinderella mini castle a The Emporium! It is part of the 50th anniversary collection. So you can take Cinderella Castle with you (but you have to build it first).

It’s so small!

Three new MagicBands they were also at The Emporium. The first is one that appears Frozona de The Incredibles


… the following is one Lion king band with Simba

Remember who you are

… and the last one is one fun green with Figment!

Oh Figment, mad creature

A couple of news for the fifty-five here. Take a look at this amazing Ornament of the statue of the partners! You can get it for $ 24.99.


We have seen it too Mickey illuminated keychain with Cinderella Castle inside!

Lighting like fireworks

It seems useful if you lose a lot of keys.

High city jewelry stores

The hunchback of Notre Dame dress now sold at Uptown Jewelers.

We are ready to go to Paris

The skirt features characters from the films in front of a background of purple stained glass. You can get it by 128 USD.

Main Street Cinema

The Volta collection has taken over Main Street Cinema by the fifties and we’ve seen some new items. The first is this novelty Starbucks retro fee per $ 24.99.

Come get them before they leave!

Then we already have the registration! We’ve seen it at Disney Springs, but it’s new to Magic Kingdom. Grab it for $ 19.99.

Mickey and his friends

There are also license plate stickers you can get. Therefore, you could have the license plate and the corresponding sticker on the car.

Mini registrations

We found this new thermos beautiful and colorful for $ 19.99

Mickey is in a band

… a retro fan for $ 12.99

Unfortunately, you still need it in October at Disney World

… and some fantastic flags for pennants $ 14.99.


This line of retro inspiration makes us feel nostalgic.

Pirates Bazaar

We saw each other again Coco socks in gray, black and white and featuring characters from the movie Pixar. We think they are fantastic enough for the season.

It’s time to see Coco for the 5728th time

He Jack Skellington Jewelry which we have recently found in Hollywood studios has also made its way here. There is a necklace …

Creepy skeletons of fear

… as well as earrings.

I love these!

The master of fear makes some pretty jewels, if we say so ourselves.

Border trade

There are 3 new ones Mansion Haunted Funko Pins which is sold at Frontier Trading with the Hitchhiking ghosts! Here is Ezra …

He will follow you home

… Gus …

Are you okay, Gus?

… and Phineas!

He’s about to …

Perfect for the spooky season! They are $ 34.99 each.

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

He Key ornament of Cinderella Castle has been recovered in the Christmas store.


We love Mickey’s little cut.

Fantasy Make

He Children’s t-shirt until not good has been replaced in Fantasy Faire.

This is a bold statement

And it’s bright in the dark, so you can see if your child is useless even in the dark.

Star traders

At Star Traders, we saw a new one Evil spirit t-shirt. It’s purple with neon green text on the back that says Walt Disney World.

These colors are amazing

He also has Maleficent as a dragon.

The front is as fun as the back

We love to see merchandise that honors the mistress of evil.

Additional Magic Kingdom updates

More on Transport center and tickets, we took a look at top level ladders and ramp for ferries and Magic Kingdom.


Cast members said they would only use it during busy days or when the monorail falls and more people have to take the ferry.

Until the 2nd story

And finally, we wanted to show you this amazing comparison of Cinderella Castle is now against Cinderella Castle 50 years ago in 1971!

50 years of being fabulous!

It’s great to see how it has changed, yet it remains the castle we know and love.

It is now a completely different color

This is all new to Magic Kingdom! Stay tuned to DFB for more news and updates about Disney World.

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