Classification of all 50th anniversary treatments in EPCOT

EPCOT is usually the best place to get food at Disney World, with delicious food, snacks and delicacies in the world showcase.

German Pavilion at the World Showcase

But recently we tried even MORE new menu items, which came out in honor of Disney World’s 50th anniversary. While there are some other 50 delights coming to EPCOT during the 18-month celebration, we went ahead and ranked all the ones we’ve tried so far. So here is the official ranking of the 50 EPCOT meals and delicacies, in order from worst to best.

EPCOT didn’t have a lot of fifties-inspired snacks (maybe because there’s already so much good food in the park), but of the few we tried, there were definitely a few winners.

7. 7-layer cake: Tuscan ice cream

The number 7 and the last place is the 7-layer cake from Gelateria Toscana. It is described as 7-layer blue and white cake topped with chocolate ganache and gold powder. This is the first problem with this dessert: we only have six layers … but maybe we are missing some?

7-layer cake

The cake was moist and we could taste flavors almond, raspberries and dark chocolate (of the cake, stuffing and ganache, respectively). While the combination is classic, we didn’t love the flavors together in this cake. So was he very heavy and rich, which did not taste very good on a hot Florida day. We could have enjoyed the dessert more if we took it as part of an indoor meal. If you want to try it, you can get a part of it $ 10.

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6. Golden Stardust: Joffrey’s in the American Adventure Pavilion

Joffrey’s is a coffee company with kiosks at Disney World parks and came out with a new drink for each of the Disney parks in honor of the 50’s. At EPCOT, this drink is Gold Star Dust, which is a to hit made with Wild berry acai topped with Whipped cream i EARidescent Sprinkles per $ 6.39.

Gold star dust

In fact, we really liked this drink. It was basically liquid berries and cream – nothing wrong with that! But it didn’t really have unique or exciting flavors. Since you can get many other delicious and refreshing drinks at EPCOT that are more interesting, we had to keep this one off the list. But, as we said, not bad at all! You can try it at Joffrey’s kiosk in the American Adventure Pavilion.

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5. EARidescent Croissant Donut – Brew-Wing at the Odyssey Events Pavilion

We were very excited to know that the cronuts have returned to Disney World. This is an EARidescent cronut, with blue glaze i bright showers. While we were very happy to see our old friend, the cronut, again, we actually felt a little disappointed when we bit into it.

EARidescent Crescent Donut

Although the flavors were absolutely delicious, the cronut itself was quite hard and difficult to chew. We even tried again (in case the first one was just an older or bad batch), but we had the same experience of a rancid cronut. We really wanted this to be good, and it’s not terrible, but cronut fans might be disappointed if they expect a fresh, flaky treat. In case we’re wrong (and hope we are), you can try it for yourself $ 6.

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4. Lemon chiffon cake: sun seasons

Most of our best images of the 50 EPCOT delights come from Sun stations, which you will find in the Land Pavilion (where Soarin ‘is). The lemon chiffon cake the last of this group arrived. It is a Lemon chiffon cake with Layers of cranberry mousse.

Such a beautiful cake!

This cake was very tasty. The cake itself was light and delicate with a strong lemon flavor, and it didn’t seem artificial to us. Our only complaint was this the mousse did not taste much berry, and we wish this part had been more exciting. But everyone who likes light and fruity desserts will probably enjoy this delicacy. Is it like that $ 5.49 and Sunshine Seasons.

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3. Remy “Cheese” Cake – Sunshine Seasons

Okay, this one is too cute not to be at the top of the list. Is it like that “Cheese” Remy’s Cake. Get it ??

“Cheese” Remy’s Cake

This cake is most are just a classic cheesecake and it’s more for Remy’s opening Ratatouille Adventure but we really liked it. There is a light touch to the cheesecake (which we enjoy) and layers of yellow cake instead of a traditional pastry base. The cake tasted a bit lemon also, which we found delicious! It’s a light dessert and not super exciting, though the theme was so amazing that we have to give him points for it. You can get a slice (wedge?) For $ 5.49.

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2. Bundt Mini Chocolate Cake – Sunshine Seasons

The top of our Sunshine Seasons list was the Bundt mini chocolate cake – we are chocolatiers, can you blame us? This miniature cake is covered chocolate ganache and filled with chocolate mousse. At the top, you’ll find it spray, i jopowder with EARidescent gloss, as well as a 50th anniversary garnish made of chocolate.

Bundt mini chocolate cake

Everything was fine on this cake. The cake was moist, the ganache was thick and rich and the mousse was soft and silky. We will definitely be back, and you can get it now $ 5.49.

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1. La Crêperie de Paris – Pavilion of France

Our number 1 choice for EPCOT is La Crepêrie de Paris in the Pavilion of France. He may be cheating … in fact we are sure he is La Crêperie is a restaurant which opened at EPCOT on its 50th anniversary. Can any delight really compete with this?

La Creperie de Paris

At La Crêperie you will find it both sweet and savory pancakes. So far we have tried several of their dishes and you can check out the full reviews here.

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Our favorite crepes here were some of the desserts we tried, included red berry crepe for $ 7.50 and the Gourmet crepe (stuffed with a Nutella-like cake) for $ 8.95. We also enjoyed the savory pancakes, which had strong, unique flavors. You can dine or order at the window if you prefer the counter-service method.

El Gourmande

Overall, the restaurant is not a must visit for us, but it is everything we ate there was good, and it was so much fun trying all the different crepe flavors. In addition, the whole area around it (the new extension of the French pavilion) is beautiful with fun details and beautiful decorations.

Expansion of the French Pavilion

That’s all for our 50th anniversary EPCOT ranking. Follow DFB because we’re taking a look at the 50th anniversary snacks at each of the Disney World parks.

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Which 50th anniversary EPCOT treatment do you find most tasty? Let us know in the comments.

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