Every Roald Dahl series and movie is coming to Netflix soon

Netflix All-In Rolled Dahl. Not only did they expand into their initial contract to bring Dahl’s work to life on Netflix, but they also bought Roald Dahl Story Company in 2021 for a deal worth more than 500 million. Several projects are already underway so let’s take a look at each Rold Dahl series and movie coming to Netflix soon.

As we mentioned, Netflix initially signed an agreement with Rold Pulses Company in November 2018 to work on a new project that included the initial projects listed below but has not yet been released.

About three years later, Netflix went a step further by buying the entire company and its IP library. The company is going to operate autonomously in the overall Netflix business.

Born in Landaf, Cardiff, Roald Dahl is the son of Norwegian immigrant parents. The acclaimed author served in the RAF during World War II and later worked in propaganda. Despite writing many short adult stories, Dhal will forever be known as the author of Favorite Children, which began with Gremlins In 1943 and ended with The Minneapins In 1991.

Roald Dahl in flying gear in Africa

For the full details of his life, you can find it here.

Sure Royal Pulses projects are coming to Netflix

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

First published: 17th January 1964
On-screen adaptation: 2
Netflix release date: TBA

Surprisingly, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory One of the Road Dahl projects launched on Netflix. It took just over 16 months to announce but now we’ve confirmed that Thor: Ragnarok and Jojo Rabbit’s director, Taika Weitti will write, direct and produce the executive. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, And Charlie and the Great Glass Lift.

Taika Vetti was photographed by Andrew Eckles for the screenplay adapted for the 2020 Oscar winner Jojo Rabbit.

The favorite children’s novel was first published in 1964, it’s about 60 years old! Another mind blower is the favorite classic adaptation, Willie Wanka and Chocolate FactoryStarring Jean Wilder, the 50-year-old will celebrate his 50th anniversary on August 12, 2021. Taika Weitet and Netflix have planned whatever Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, We are sure it will be extremely remarkable.

After finding one of the five gold tickets, Charlie Bucket was invited on a great tour of the world-famous Willie Wanka factory. Along with his grandfather Joe, Charlie is joined by four other children whose habits and behaviors are not pleasant. What’s inside the factory will change Charlie’s life forever.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Copyright. Puffin book.

Charlie and the Great Glass Lift

First published: 1972
On-screen adaptation: 0
Netflix release date: TBA

Taika Wetti will also be responsible for the adaptation to the first screen Charlie and the Great Glass Lift. Despite the fact that the favorite children’s novel is almost 50 years old, so far no one has accepted the project. Just like that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Consequence, Charlie and the Great Glass Lift Taika will be produced, written and directed by Waitit. The plot is much more bizarre than its predecessor, but if there is anyone who can take the bizarre and disgusting story and break it out of the park, it must be Taika Vetti.

Photo: Taika Wetitti (left) and Chris Hemsworth (right).

After launching into the sky with the Great Glass Elevator, Willie Wanka, Charlie and Grandpa Joe arrive at the Space Hotel USA. The trio have been mistaken for spies by going to the astronauts and the president of the United States. However, shortly after their arrival, they discover that the hotel is occupied by a dangerous, disguised alien monster known as The Vermicus Needs.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator – Copyright. Puffin book.


First published: 1st October 18th
On-screen adaptation: 1
Netflix release date: December 2022

1996 film Matilda It is often remembered by everyone who grew up in the ‘0s, and suffice it to say that many children still enjoy it today. Since Matilda’s story is deeply ingrained in the hearts of many, Netflix must capture the magic of the novel with its stimulating animated adaptations. We are still waiting to be sure who will lead this project, but we doubt we will learn more soon.

We’ve confirmed that a live-action music from the children’s novel is also coming to Netflix in the near future. The film will be adapted from Tim Minchin’s Tony Award-winning musical of the same name. Matthew Works will direct the film.

Fans don’t have to worry, you’ll get a double dose of Matilda because the animated adaptation will still happen on Netflix.

Matildar Official Poster – Copyright. Working title film

Matilda, a young, talented and incredibly intelligent five-and-a-half-year-old, struggles with the stupidity of her family. At school, Matilda befriends the lovely Miss Madhur and is finally able to show off her intellectual skills. Unfortunately, the school is run by abusive Miss Trenchbull who prides herself on punishing students severely. When Matilda develops telekinetic abilities, she helps Miss Honey as they work together to shut down Miss Trenchbull.

Matilda – Copyright. Puffin book.


First published: 1980
On-screen adaptation: 0
Netflix release date: TBA

There were plans for many years to make a feature film Tweets, But the project was abandoned in 2012.

John Klis was ready to write the script, along with Kirk de Myco. The film was produced by Disney Animation Studios Vanguard Film and Animation as well. With the project seemingly abandoned, it looks like Netflix will provide first-screen adaptations for favorite children’s novels.

Mr. and Mrs. Tweet, the two retired circus instructors, the worst and ugliest couple around, are constantly teasing each other, atheists more than ever. From training a poor family of monkeys to catching birds for their pies with mogul-umps, superglue, tweets are incredibly demonic. When the roly-poly birds visit the monkey family, they plan to tweet well with their visitors.

In July 2021, we first reported that the project was moving forward and hired Rick-It Ralph writer Phil Johnston to join the limited series project.

Tweets – Copyright. Puffin book.

Potential Netflix projects are coming in the future


First published: 1982
On-screen adaptation: 2
Netflix release date: TBA

There have been 2 on-screen adaptations for BFG, the original 1989 animation being shown much more conveniently in 2016 than Steven Spielberg’s effort. Sure the animation and BFG’s voice is perfect. We would welcome David Jason to return to give voice to BFG, as it did perfectly in ITV’s 1989 animated feature.

Sophie, who was orphaned after the death of her parents, was bedridden at night, unable to sleep. Seeing a strange scene on the street, carrying a giant man, a huge bag and a huge trumpet, Sophie drives the mysterious person away. Revealing himself as a monster, he introduces himself as BFG, short for Big Friendly Giant. Unlike other feeding monsters, BFG survives the disgusting snooze bar and spends its time capturing dreams.

BFG – Copyright. Puffin book.

The remaining novels will probably be converted by Netflix:

  • George’s Marvelous Medicine (1981)
  • Boy, Childhood Story (1984)
  • Going Alone (1986)
  • The Great Crocodile (1978)
  • Giraffe and the Pelli and Me (1985)
  • Henry Sugar (1977)
  • Billy and the Minpins (1991)
  • Magic Finger (1966)
  • ACO Trott (1990)
  • Dirty Beasts (1983)
  • Rhyme Stew (1989)
Why aren’t all of Roald Dal’s children’s novels being adapted?

Simply put, Netflix does not have a license to adapt all novels from Roald Dahl’s bibliography. This is because of some missing titles, e.g. Fantastic Mr. Fox, Licensed by other companies. Using the aforesaid Fantastic Mr. Fox, The previous adaptation of the novel was made in 2009 by 20th Century Fox. With the acquisition of Disney’s 20th Century Fox, it can be assumed that Disney now has a license.

Other missing titles are:

  • Danny, world champion
  • Gremlins
  • James and Giant Peach
  • Magic Finger
  • Witch
  • Vikar of Nibalswick

Which Roald Dahl animated series has you been waiting for the most on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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